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A Leading Beauty and Wellness Sanctuary

Since opening it’s doors in 1995, Devotion Beautique has been dedicated to providing premium skin care solutions for its esteemed customers. Our highly trained and experienced therapists strives to provide only the best quality service for all types of skin problems. We specialise in


“Karen thanks for the facials Devotion has. They really help! My son’s friends all don’t believe that his mum looks so young. Thanks for everything.” Jacqueline
“Today’s treatment/massage helped my sinus problem! Was great! Before that, nose was blocked, face was swollen and had to breathe through the mouth. Nose was cleared immediately after” Sue Wei, Project Manager
“Detoxifying oil – very very effective. Feel much healthier. Skin condition improved and my pimples stopped popping! Recommend this to everyone.” Izyan, Teacher
“Second visit under the pliable of wonderful friends of Karen. My face lighted up with her touch on my face, as good as the first visit. What is so wonderful is the anti-aging effect of my facial skin which looks younger after the facial therapy and massage” Theresa, Director
“I visited Devotion Beautique for underarm bleaching. After the first treatment, I witnessed visible results and I am very relieved to have found a solution to my skin problem. I’m going to take up treatment for my back too. Would definitely recommend my friends here.” Yuki, Graphic Designer
“Nice place, nice environment. Karen and her staff are very sweet and they are very detailed in their service. They are very professional and polite. If there is a chance, I will come back for other treatments again. Thank you Karen!” Joan, Marketing Executive

*Results may vary according to individuals, depending on their body conditions.


Skin Formula

Skin care treatments are lovingly customised according to your skin condition for the day by targeting the root cause of your skin problems.

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Body Contouring

Holistic slimming treatments are customised according to every individual’s unique morphology.

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Skin Lightening

Designed to be be safe and non-invasive, our signature whitening treatment effectively* lightens visible dark spots and patches.

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Specialty Services

Backed by popular demand and special requests, these are uniquely concocted treatments to promote holistic wellness and quality of life.

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Skin problems are an indication of physiological issues that goes on deep beneath our skin. Hence, all our skincare solutions go straight to the root cause to heal the skin in a holistic approach*.

Customers can expect a comprehensive range of personalised treatment services using the finest range of medical grade and high premium products. It is our goal to help every customer achieve their desired results and restore their skin’s natural radiance.


D.R.W. Concept

D.R.W. Concept - Services


Another revolutionary treatment by Devotion Beautique…

WHO concept has led us to evolve into further study of underarm skin conditions. This time, we look into the irreversible time namely, signs of ageing.

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R.H.S Concept

R.H.S Concept Singapore - Devotion Beautique

When self remedy did not work…

……Skin burnt, irritation, eczema…

What can we do now to heal our tender skin condition?

A specialist in this genre, Devotion has been approached on numerous cases of underarm and inner thigh whitening which were results of ineffective home remedies or adverse results from harsh treatments.

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Inner Thigh Whitening

Wear your bikini with confidence once more!

Dark patches of our skin creates a ‘dirty’ appearance that can affect our confidence. Our therapists are sincere about helping you lighten those dark spots so that you can shine. At Devotion, we offer two types of whitening services that safely and effectively* lightens your inner thighs:

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*Results may vary according to individuals, depending on their body conditions.


Me? Why am I having Hair Loss? Effective Treatment for You

Seeing strands of hair on your comb after brushing can be ‘frightening’. “Am I going to have a bald patch or receding hair line?” “Will my hair grow back?”


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Post Eczema Skin Trauma Woes – Can it be treated?

Eczema, a condition denoted by dry, red itchy skin, can be bothersome since childhood or could arise due to hormonal changes such as pregnancy or triggered by allergens.


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Say Goodbye to Dark Patches! How to Whiten your Inner Thighs

Dark patches on your skin can be embarrassing, as some might relate it to poor hygiene. This can affect ones’ confidence and self-esteem. more

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