About Founder

With over 20 years of experience, Karen is a certified aromotherapist and aesthestician who is devoted to bringing out the best in her clients. She believes that only by taking good care of ourselves, we can present our best in all situations.

Karen believes in empowering people with the right information to help them exude beauty and self-confidence from within. She loves sharing her knowledge with customers and also conducts seminars and workshops for corporate clients. Karen also ensures that her team are well equipped to provide answers to questions regarding skincare and beauty.

In addition, she is also a professional image consultant and executive coach. She works with corporate clients who are ready for life changing experiences, helping them to discover and be who they truly are.

About Devotion Beautique

Since opening it’s doors in 1995, Devotion Beautique has been dedicated to providing premium skin care solutions for its esteemed customers. Our highly trained and experienced therapists strives to provide only the best quality service.

Skin problems are an indication of physiological issues that goes on deep beneath our skin. Hence, all our skincare solutions go straight to the root cause to heal the skin in a holistic approach.

Customers can expect a comprehensive range of personalised treatment services using the finest range of medical grade and high premium products. It is our goal to help every customer achieve their desired results and restore their skin’s natural radiance.

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