Bridal FAQ

All About Face

1.How to get rid of whiteheads

Q: I’ve got a lot of whiteheads on my side of the face and they can’t seem to go away. I feel that I’ve cleanse my face real thoroughly but the problem still persist. Can you please advise me on what has gone wrong and what are the remedies.

A: Whiteheads are actually oil (sebum) produced by the sebaceous glands in the body. We have trillions of them and mostly are found on the face (T-zone areas & cheeks). Secretions of sebum are greatly affected by hormones. This also explains why you may experience more whiteheads, blackheads & pimples just before menstruation.

Cleaning your face through is good but if you do not clean gently, you may stimulate the sebaceous glands to be more active and in turn produces more oil and ultimately more whiteheads.

You may use a purifying mask weekly to control whiteheads, get an oil control toner and moisturizer. At the most you can manage them but you can never get rid of them totally, because they are a part of you.

If you do go for facials regularly, they can definitely help to manage better. At the same time, your skin will look more radiant.

2.Advice for sensitive and dehydrated skin

Q: I can’t use oil-control products as my face is very sensitive and dehydrated. I do have peels at the side of my nose. So oil control products are too dry for me. As for the advice on cleaning the face gently, I agree totally. I realized that sometimes I can be too harsh when I cleanse my face resulting in the formation of more pimples or whiteheads. By the way, which type of purifying mask is better? the peel off type or the clay type and what shall I do with my white heads now, leave it or squeeze it.

A: First of all, you have sensitive and dehydrated skin. You may encounter problems buying products as your skin may be very reactive to any new products available in the market. Secondly, peeling at the side of your nose may be contributed by squeezing the whiteheads and pimples.

Here’s the advice:

1. Leave your skin alone. Just cleanse gently.

2. Once you have menstruation, estrogen (hormone) is released in your body and your skin calms down. See a beauty therapist and consider having a facial to help the problem. Listen to their suggestion and recommendation. Consider carefully what are the options given and decide.

3. Clay masks are often recommended for oily skin as it dries up the first layer of the skin. It may work for you in the beginning but not in the long run. Peel off mask is just a term used to remove the mask. You should look into the “role” of the mask.

It is best that you seek professional opinions or you may experience buying wrong products which may aggravate the problem. Look into your lifestyle and environment too. Always keep your pillows clean as they come in touch with your hair as you sleep. (Sounds logical)

3.Advice for enlarged pore

Q: Besides having oily T-zone, I also have enlarged pore. Is there any products out there that can really shrink pores, improve your skin coloration w/o being too expensive

A: The skin has 5 separate layers and one of their functions is for cell renewal. What you see on the mirror are dead cells that serve to protect the skin from dehydration.

Enlarged pores are due to lack of nutrients like water & collagen. When cells are being “fed” well from the 5 layers, then they will be “pump up” and your skin will look well nourished. You can look for food supplements for help. Look into your diet that provides protein as well.

Some toners are meant to help in shrinking the pores. However, a good skincare regime consists of: –

1. Deep cleanse with cleansing milk to remove dirt and make-up.
2. Mild acidic or neutral foam gel / cleanser to remove excess
3. Toner to prepare the skin for better absorption of moisturizer and refresh the skin to balance the pH level.
4. Appropriate skincare for protection (day use)
and nourishing (night use).

Follow this regime will help to balance your skin coloration.

I have no comments on any products. My advice is invest on what you skin requires and you can save a lot of money in the future because it is well taken care of at the beginning.

4.Frequency of facial before the wedding

Q: May I know how should the frequency of facial like be before the wedding? Is there a need for us to go for facial twice a month? If so, when do we need to start going twice a month?

A: On a normal basis, we go for facial once a month. The skin regenerate by itself (cell renewal) on a 28 days basis averagely when you are in your early 20’s. However, as you grow into your late 20’s, it will slow down and will be more than 28 days.

First of all, assess the condition of your skin. Most brides will do their facial one year before their wedding.

When you do a facial, there will always be a reaction like outbreaks. This is very common. During extraction, the therapist has to remove all impurities, therefore an opening of the skin has been done, it needs time to heal. After which the skin will be cleaned up and with the appropriate products (transition period) the skin is able to breathe better and look good.

Transition period may take months as it depends on your skin condition and the products that you use.

Give some allowance for your photography date as well. Many brides make the mistake that their photos can be camouflaged, but not very much indeed. It is always good to look fresh at all times. Especially on your wedding day. Less cover-up, more natural, a more beautiful you.

Just a note, try not to do normal facial if you do have problematic skin. This facial does not help to heal the skin at all. It serves to remove all impurities with a mask. It does not include any ampoules, treatment cream or treatment mask. This goes to explain why your skin gets worse after facial because there was nothing to use to heal the opening wounds. It is not true that the products are not suitable Try not to take the risk to “ruin” your skin. Take the cheapest treatment facial instead as a trial if advisable. Sometimes, severe acne or sensitive skin requires intensive treatment.

5.Changing from having an oily T-zone skin to a dry one

Q: Is it possible for someone to change from having an oily T-zone skin to a dry one? That’s what I’m experiencing now…I used to have an oily t-zone skin…now, I’m beginning to find that my t-zone area is getting dry…so much so, my nose starts to peel……I start to have dry flakes on my nose…but my chin area is quite oily…I have pimples on & off all the time in my chin area…it’s so frustrating, before one can heal…another popped out! And I have this fear of going to facial because of all the squeezing of my face, I ended up having more pimples popping out than when I’m not going to facial…I stopped going and voila, my face is back to being smooth again (except for the chin area) Do u have any package that is just for pampering the face with moisturizers and goodie stuffs instead of trying to squeeze and squeeze my face? Thanks

A: Yes, the skin changes as you grow. Usually, it is from oily to dry and for some people it is vice versa.

For your problem, it may just be the sebaceous glands at your nose and forehead is less active. Thus producing less sebum (oil),that explains the dryness. Secondly, you could be using some products earlier that control the oiliness and they are no longer suitable as your skin has changed. Peeling may be due to dryness or squeezing the whiteheads around the nose if you do.

For your pimples around the chin area, you may have hormonal imbalance. You will often notice that it is popping out more just 1 week before menstruation. I can understand your agony. It is better that you check on your diet/living habits that can help in balancing your hormones. You may take more fluids like juices instead of colas or carbonated drinks. More vegetables than meat. Keep up a healthy lifestyle, less nights out. These are within your control. It will be beneficial in the long run.

For facials, It is normal that you have breakouts, and it is best that you apply treatment products or pimple cream at home. Do not feel helpless as your skin has become smooth again.

Different therapists have their own way of extracting pimples. Extraction of pimples is part of the facial routine and you can request to just treat your chin area. We do have the package for your request.

6.Chapped lips/peeling skin/panda eyes

Q: I am facing a few problems……

1. I often have lip chapped and have a bad habit of biting the skin. Sometime, it will end up bleeding which caused my lips surface to be uneven. I have tried different kind of lips palm but the problems still persist. The problem worsens when I put on lipstick.

2. My cheek skin will start peeling when I put on face powder. Even though without face powder, I will have a few small patchy of redness which look like rashes on my cheek but which is not.. 

3. Eye like panda bear

Please help…..

A: Your lip is dry and peeling is more often aggravated by your habit of biting. Stop this “undesirable” habit. Apply lip cream at night before you sleep. The lip should be moistured as well. Let it heal over 2 weeks to see the difference.

Your cheek has lost its protective layer and is very dehydrated and becomes red and patchy. You may have scrubbed them too often and too hard. Therefore, the make-up is not able to last.

Massage your panda eyes to aid circulation and prevent less expression lines. Drink more water to remove toxins out of your body and sleep well.

You may apply honey on your lips to heal the bleeding. Try not to apply lipstick for the time being. Besides if you do have bleeding, bacteria may breed on the lipstick, so change a new set if you want to heal faster.

If you apply eye make-up in the past or even now, please do use a eye make-up remover to cleanse well. Pigments are formed very often on the upper eyelids after a few years if not cleansed well

7.Skin that is dry underneath but oily on the surface

Q: I was told that my skin is dry underneath but oily on the surface. What’s the cause of it? I have the shine especially on the T-zone which I don’t like. which skin type product should I use, I mean those for oily skin or dry skin? What’s the use of “hydrating” products on our skin? thanks.

A: This is a very common problem.

The skin consists of 5 layers and the cells renew all the time.

You actually have combination skin, meaning oily at the T-zone area and forehead and dry at the cheeks. The oiliness that you experience is the sebum (oil) production that is produced by the sebaceous glands underneath the skin (5 layers). This is your own body system. It also means to say that you have less sebaceous gland at your cheeks.

“My skin is dry underneath but oily on the surface” – Are you referring this to your cheeks? If this is so, you must have been using “Hydrating” products meant for dry skin.

I am sorry to comment that they may not be suitable now. Hydrating products are meant for moisturizing the skin that explains the oiliness on the surface.

I would suggest that you seek a product line that helps in combination skin. Taking care of the moisture level of the skin. At present, you need to balance the tone and moisture level.

8.Can whiteheads eventually become blackheads

Q: Can whiteheads eventually become blackheads. If I don’t extract and exfoliate the blackheads and whiteheads, will it go away by itself? Can blackheads/whiteheads spread within the face?

A: Whiteheads are sebum (oil) produced by the body naturally. Our skin breathes by itself too.

When the skin is not able to “peel off” or exfoliate by itself at its normal rate, it is clogged under the skin. This is the beginning of a whitehead. It actually explains why we should always cleanse our skin well. When the whiteheads come in contact with air and bacteria, oxidation take place and they become blackheads (When metal comes into contact with air and water, it rusts)

Whiteheads and blackheads will always be with you, this is nature. You cannot get rid of them once and for all, but you can minimize them by cleansing well, have facials and proper skincare routine. Overtime, you will see lesser of them.

Whiteheads and blackheads are found in every skin pores of your body. They are not infectious and therefore they do not spread. They actually depend on the sebaceous glands that produced the sebum. They are very active in the T-zone area cheeks and chins. Some are found to be active on the chest or back.

9.Advice on minor breakouts on the face, oily skin and enlarged pores

Q: If I have some minor breakouts on the face, oily skin and enlarged pores, do you suggest I go for facial or chemical peeling? Which is more effective and any side-effects for these two treatments? I have tried facial but my face will be swollen after the extraction. Can I do still cleanse effectively without the extraction?

A: You mentioned minor breakouts with oily skin and enlarged pores.

First of all, you have gone for facials and the face is swollen. If it isn’t so bad, let the skin heal by itself for a few days. You may cleanse your face with cleansing milk twice a day to purify your skin followed by foam cleanser. Get a moisturizing mask( healing) or purifying mask(dry the “extracted area) and use them for a week to speed up the recovery process.

I cannot advice you accordingly as I can’t see your skin conditions. However, this is my opinion.

Chemical peeling by the doctors are meant for acne scars or enlarged pores. You have to avoid the sun for a period of time as the peel has removed the top layer of your skin. This has therefore “minimize your pore or flatten your scar” and with good skincare, your skin will look better.

For minor breakouts, a treatment facial will help to control the breakouts. Just take proper care and it should be alright.

Lastly, it would be better to do chemical peeling when your breakouts are under control. You should seek the doctor’s advice too.

Anywhere, just cleanse well and get a proper treatment skincare set. Most importantly, have a healthy lifestyle.

10.Would the waxing of facial hair cause it to grow even coarser

Q: Would the waxing of facial hair cause it to grow even coarser? Any alternatives besides waxing?

A: Waxing of facial hair will not cause the hair to grow coarser. In the first place, why are you doing it unless you have dark and obvious ones?

Another alternative is the threading. Be careful when you engage someone, you may get side effects when you hurt the hair follicle like soreness or clogged pores.

11.Advice on uneven skin tone for face

Q: I just went for a facial over the weekend and the beautician told me that I have uneven skin tone for my face. Certain parts are a lot darker and I do find that I have problems with that when I apply just loose powder. Is there any way to treat this condition? Reckon a normal facial wouldn’t help?? What’s the price range for your facials like and what products do you use? My skin seems to be allergic to a particular country’s products

A: Uneven skin tone is a very common problem amongst us. It can be rectified if you use a mild acidic cleanser that complements with your natural mild acid membrane of your skin (first layer of skin).
Always cleanse your face well with cleansing milk and follow by foam cleanser.

Putting less make-up or completely without make-up is ideal as your skin can always breathe freely. A normal facial can’t help much.

12.Advice on using AHA products

Q: I’m presently using AHA products (I think USA). At the beginning stage (1st 2 weeks), I can really see improvement on my face. But sad to say that after using their products for about 3-4weeks, I found that my face start to peel & feel very warm/hot on my face whenever I apply complex B/Exp Lotion. Sometime I even experience “pain” on my face.

After 2+mths, they told me that I should combine my AHA treatment with SEAWEED treatment after seeing my “face condition” – which I think my face is experiencing dehydration

My skin belongs to “sensitive”/outside oily & inside dry type although I do not have pimples (only a few occasionally). My face itchy very often & will turn red easily. Please comment on what products suit me the best.

A: There are some AHA treatments that will cause this “peeling” skin texture and sensitive skin for a period of time. It varies with individual skin type to. There is a variance in the strength of AHA.

If this is what the products that you are using is trying to achieve, then you will have to be patient and monitor the situation carefully. The only precaution you have to take, avoid direct sunlight and always use sunblock.

To be more precise based on what you have written, with sensitive/ outside oily and dry inside, it is NOT COMMON as it is normally oily inside and dry outside. I will take what you say as I do not get to see you, let me explain.

When the skin (sensitive, outside oily/inside dry) is dry underneath, the skin lacks moisture and therefore, it is dry on the surface, in your case, if it is oily on the surface, it may be due to your environment at the end of the day or you may have the habit of blotting your face when you actually need not. This is normally the end results.

On the other hand, if your skin is actually oily inside and dry outside and experiencing sensitivity at the same time.

You are experiencing a transition period where you may have used oily skin products in the past and at present the skin does not produce so much oil anymore as you grow older. The skin gets dehydrated. This is a stage of skin growth and will pass.

When you do the AHA treatment, you will feel improvement in the beginning because AHA exfoliates the skin faster. Over time, the skin peels faster than its normal growth cycle. This explains the pain and sensitivity that you have described.

AHA treatments have to be monitored carefully and given accordingly to individual skin. In my opinion, the proposal of combining seaweed and AHA treatments, is to calm the skin. The decision to take up the treatments lies solely on you.

I cannot and will not recommend our products until I get to see your face personally as you seem to have hypersensitive skin.

Meanwhile, you may stop using the products and use icepacks to cool your face every day. See what happens in a week or too. It should not be painful by then. Always use cold water on your face, avoid warm water or any heat. Cleanse well.

I hope to have answered your enquiry and clear your doubts. If not, ask me again. I will be happy to enlighten you.

13.Treatments on face warts and skin tags

Q: Do u have any treatments on face warts and skin tags if you know what I mean? Realized not many beauty salons have treatments on that. How much does it cost if you have the treatments?

A: Skin warts need to be treated by a dermatologist only and not beauty salons.

Skin tags are just an extra layer of skin and they surface like bumps and will grow bigger over time. Some salons will provide service to take them out but there is a risk to take if they are not skilful.
Very often, when they are much bigger, it is better to see a dermatologist to remove them.

So, on the safe side, you may consider just leaving them alone for the skin tags and seek help from a dermatologist.

By doing so, you could prevent your skin from getting worse over time. Prevention is better than cure.

14.Treatments for acne scars

Q: Saw that you have a treatment (product?!) for acne scars. Would like to check with u if it is suitable for me?

I have combination skin with slightly enlarged pores and black heads on nose. I do get pimples which is not noticeable (as it is not red, swollen and can be extracted easily).

But I got this persistent and annoying problem where those pimples (after extraction by my beautician left dark marks/scars (which is smooth n quite obvious). Will your products help?

Also wish to check if I could use Retinol (i.e. 0.025% Retin A prescribed by dermatologist)to solve this acne scars/marks problem? You have better suggestion and how much will it costs?

You have any products which will help those scars on legs (i.e. mosquitoes marks, accidental scars, and etc.)?

Hope to hear from u soon

A: Are you using Retin A 0.025% now?

If you are, then I suggest you cannot do any AHA treatments at all. It will burn the skin altogether.

You can use the Retin A in the night only. It will help in healing the marks but not scars. When using this cream, you have to avoid the sun as much as possible and will experience peeling after a few days. The skin will be sensitive so just be careful. You can only use the cream for the six months at the maximum.

When you have used this cream, you will realize that it heals very fast. The only problem lies with having sensitive skin later.

Please highlight to your beautician about using Retin A.

Salon or over-the-counter products will give a slower effect than Retin A as they have lower strength.

For mosquitoes bites and accidental scars can only be healed when they are still raw.

I suggest you consider finding a good skincare set after using the Retin A for a while. Still be careful that they do not contain AHA. Get a sensitive set to repair the skin first and then progress slowly. Meanwhile , get a sensitive day cream with SPF for protection now.

I hope to have answered your questions. Let me know if you are not sure.

15.Getting rid of freckles on the face

Q: Do you have any advice in getting rid of freckles on the face?? Thanks

A: No, there are no ways of getting rid of freckles, but you can only minimize and use whitening cream to control them.

You can try laser treatment at the doctor’s or microdermabrasion at the salon. For both treatments, you must not have acne and just freckled face. Having acne and undergoing such treatments may have adverse effect. By the way, if you seek laser treatment, you may have to go after a few years whereas for microdermabrasion, you may need to have a few sessions

However, you have to take note and be very careful of your home skincare product. They have to be intensive at all times in order to maintain your sensitive skin after those two treatments.

I suggest you seek consultation at the doctor’s or let me take a look at your skin. I can recommend microdermabrasion only then.

16.Is it true that 2-way cake clogs up pores

Q: Is it true that 2-way cake clogs up pores? I’m thinking of switching to liquid foundation and loose powder. Is it healthier for the skin? I know, of course the best is without make-up. But between the 2, which is better for the skin?

A: 2- way cake does not clog the pores at all although it can be pretty heavy compared to liquid foundation. Of course, it will be better without make-up.

I seriously encourage you to cleanse your skin well with cleansing oil, followed by cleansing milk and foam cleanser to keep your face fresh at all times.

17.Advantages of using water based products over the normal gel or cream type

Q: I’ve seen facial products that are water based (e.g. toner, moisturizer etc.). Are these types of products suitable for most skin? What are the advantages of using water based products over the normal gel or cream type?

A: Water-based products are lighter in texture and they penetrate into the skin faster. Their top 5 ingredients used are normally liquids (aqua).

Cream-based or water-based products are both suitable for the skin. Cream-based are normally recommended for mature skin and the later for oily or combination skin. In actual fact, it all depends on the effectiveness of the products and ingredients used.

18.'dry', 'oily' and 'combination' skin defined

Q: I’ve got a few questions regarding how ‘dry’, ‘oily’ and ‘combination’ skin is defined. – FAQ

When I look at the skin on my face, I would think it is dry because it does not shine (like what I see on my sister’s).Moreover, when I use facial blotters, there isn’t much oil on the paper too! However, I’ve got a problem with pimple outbreaks and I thought such thing usually occurs with oily skin? Besides, when I went for facial once, the facialist said I had oily skin.

So I’m very confused especially when buying products for my skin. Do I trust my eyes and the blotters (which scream DRY SKIN) or do i trust the beautician and the outbreaks (which insists on OILY SKIN)?

Really confused!

A: You are experiencing a common problem among most of us here in Singapore.

According to what you had described, you are having oily skin in the inside but dry at the outside. Let me explain.

The skin has 2 main layers. On the top layer is the epidermis, which is in itself has 5 layers and when you scratched yourself and the skin that came off without bleeding. If you scratched deeper or injured yourself and there are bleeding, it is the dermis.

The epidermis main function is to produce new cells and the dermis is where it contains hair follicle, sebaceous glands, nerve and bloods vessels.

The sebaceous glands get active and therefore it produces more sebum (oil) and then it (oil) pushes itself up the hair follicle and stayed clogged if your surface(epidermis) has a lot of dead cells or dry. It is not able to be cleansed off whenever you wash your face.

There are many possibilities why you have dry skin on the surface. One likely reason, you may have used oily skincare in the past and now, that you skin has changed, you need to upgrade to a more appropriate skincare set now. Another reason could be that you have used some products that has too much of alcohol. 

If you have not used any products before, this is the sign of negligence that your skin is telling you now.

These problems contributed to pimple outbreaks as well, it need not happen to oily skin alone or only during puberty.

You need not feel confused now; start using appropriate facial treatments and skincare. When you see improvements, then you can take care of your skin better.

Most people make the mistake that they use the same products all the time. The skin changes at different age, just like you have to change your clothes when you grow up. We definitely outgrow our clothes and so does the skin.

I hope to have cleared your doubts. Do come and see me and we can have a clearer picture.

19.How to minimize pores on the face

Q: Any advice on how to minimize pores on the face? Bought a bottle of skin revival serum containing lactic and salicylic acids with vitamins A, E and B Complex. The sales person said it will improve my skin condition. I trying the serum now but is worried if this kind of acids will worsen my pores? I hope I can minimize my pores before my wedding next Jan. My experience proof that makeup does not look good on enlarge pores.

A: Yes, Vit A, B and B complex can help to regenerate the cells and in turns minimize the pores. Try to cleanse your skin well and apply the serum daily, it should help.

If you experience any breakouts, stop or it may be too rich for you.

20.Most effective way to get rid of pimple scar on face

Q: What is the most effective way to get rid of pimple scar on my face?

Does coffee really do harm to our skin? What is the most effective way to get rid of pimple scar on my face?

A: Pimple scar can only be minimized and not heal completely.

Treatment creams or ampoules are applied daily to regenerate the skin tissue to flatten or even out the lost tissue that caused the scar. Coffee dehydrates the skin. It is said “One cup of coffee needs to be replaced by 2 glasses of water for the body for dehydration.”

21.Advice on little "heads" or lumps on forehead

Q: Need to check with you, lately I have breakouts, not pimples but little “heads” or lumps on my forehead. Sometimes, comes to the side of hairline, near the ear (one side only)

What do you think could be the cause of it? I didn’t change shampoo, nor did I use any new facial product.

Remember the face diagram that you gave us during your workshop sometime last year? I checked it and it says pimple there could probably be due to problems with bladder (if it’s the sides) or small intestines (if center part)

Will doing mask or cleansing my face more often be helpful?? Any way you can analyze for me??

A: You did not worry. This should be temporary.

When the skin has breakouts, it is an indication that you need to make changes. It need not always be shampoo or facial products. You can look into your diet, bedroom pillows or things that you do recently that may cause this.

When you touch that area often, you are actually spreading the bacteria around, so they spread and it looks like a breakout.

If it persists for a long time, then the diagram helps as a lookout. Have you been under extreme stress for a while or been too busy?

When the wedding day is coming near, almost half a month before the actual day, most brides are under stress, trying to cope between work and preparation. High possibilities to get insomnia and breakouts, it is still important to keep the skin healthy to keep it from getting worse or at least recover faster and take precaution “Prevention better than cure”.

Cleanse well, mask often and apply pimple cream can definitely help. So do that first to monitor.

22.About skin condition Rosacea

Q: I have this skin condition the dermatologist called Rosacea. The skin on my face is fairly thin and the blood vessel is visible. There are quite a lot around my cheek and as a result, I always get “flush” face. As a result, I get breakout pretty often, and this is aggravated before my period every month. I was on 6mths medication from the dermatologist. I’ve cut down on eating hot food (as they will cause the “flush”), and I also avoided going out in the sun. It’s not so bad now, but sometimes the blush comes and stays. Is there any way to minimize the “flush”?

A: I am very sorry to know of your skin condition. You must be experiencing all the skin breakouts and “flushes” painfully.

Now, it is good that you have consulted the doctor and on medication. There is no cure but it can be controlled.

The “flush” is caused by the enlargement of blood vessels underneath the skin and your protective layer has become very thin than normal, so avoiding the sun is good. Breakouts before period is unavoidable.

As a therapist, this is my advice:

1. Try not to engage in any outdoor sport like swimming

2. Wash your face with cold water. Maybe soak a towel into a pail of ice water and put on your face for few seconds. Repeat till your face feels icy.

3. Avoid alcohol, hot spicy food and humid conditions. Drink honey with lemon, they help to detox your body.

4. You may experience migraine, beware and try to stay optimistic at most times. Learn to manage stress

5. Change your bed sheets weekly to keep it clean as the skin renews at its peak from 10pm to 2am. Keep your face clean at most time.

6. Wear cotton clothes to keep you feeling cool.

7. Change your diet, take fruits like watermelon, papaya and protein food like soya, fish, artichoke, asparagus, carrots.

8. Take up yoga, you can exercise without perspiring too much.


I would not suggest any skincare at all, as I have not seen you. I would STRONGLY recommend that you try to calm your skin now for the next few months. Keep the skincare to a later date, although I do have something in mind.

23.Fasten the lightening process of the marks

Q: My wedding is 2 weeks away but sad to say pimples have been popping out recently. It’s under control now but I have a number of marks on my face (used to have quite good skin)

Need to check with you how do I fasten the lightening process of the marks? I’ve applied Vit E for healing and also Vit C for lightening effects. But it’s been taking quite a while and the marks are still visible. Please help. Thanks!

A: The skin needs time to help. First of all, the skin renews itself at an average of 28 days and will slows down gradually after the age of 25 and above.

Applying Vit E and Vit C can help to speed up the process. But please do not overdo it as it may cause under necessary clogs surrounding the marks.

Try masking your face daily with radiance mask or moisturizing mask. Do an intensive facial treatment at least once before your wedding. Do your face massage at home when applying face cream.

Take raw juices like carrot, celery, apple and cucumber in the morning or during tea break if you can. Try not to take together with your meals. It is more effective this way.

If you need help again, let me know.


1.Advice on dark eye rings

Q: I have dark eye rings that refused to go away… I’ve tried all sorts of eye gels, applying day and night every day religiously; eye mask every week; signed up an eye paraffin package; and I also have sufficient sleep. I believe they are not hereditary as my family members don’t have this problem.

I also feel that my eyes tire easily – can feel a little bit of burning sensation in my eyes even when I’m not wearing contact lenses. The areas around my eyes are a little reddish in tone. I feel that I look like a vampire when I’m not wearing any make-up!

What’s wrong with me? Is there other ways that I can improve the situation like massages for example? How do I go about doing it? Is it true that chilled tea bags over the eyes help? Also, is it true that I can’t improve the situation and that I can only prevent it from getting worse?

A: You mentioned that your dark eye rings are not hereditary. You have actually made a lot effort to rectify this problem.

After analyzing the problem, I would give suggestions but please understand this objectively.

Our face has this ability called “face reflexology”. Similar to foot reflexology. Your dark eye rings may indicate that your kidneys are working too hard or weak to dispel toxins from your body. It actually means that you may have consumed food that needs more fluids to dispel toxins away. Secondly, you may not have good lightings at home when you read at night.

You may have developed these dark eyes rings when you were studying and this is still reversible.

You mentioned there are reddish tone around your eyes. I am afraid that you may have overdone your eye routine like massage that caused the delicate blood capillaries to burst underneath. Please do not be disheartened as I am only suggesting. I need to see you in person to assess correctly.

On a therapist point of view, you do have a good eye routine like applying eye gels, eye mask and sufficient sleep.

Let us look at other possibilities.

At present, it is best that you apply eye gels alone, using your ring fingers to tap gently. Leave chilled teabags alone for the time being. “It is said that teabags may cause stains on eyes as well but nothing concrete has been found”.

Our March promotion was for dark eye rings and it may be suitable for your case. You may consider using the products as they help in blood circulation without massaging. It is a home kit set.

Paying attention to your health and environment would be most helpful in your case. Skincare is still secondary as compared to your health.

Don’t give up. There are still hopes.

2.Solution to "oil clots" under the eyes

Q: What’s the solution to “oil clots” under the eyes?

A: Oil clogs that are found under the eyes are formed when you do not cleanse your eyes well or used face cream that are too rich.

First of all, start using eye cleansing oil or lotion to remove make-up or remove impurities.

If they are small, leave them alone and cleanse well as mentioned. Over time, they will grow (take many years) and if you want to remove them, PLEASE see a dermatologist to do the surgery.


1.Nose having more "open holes" after I squeezing blackhead

Q: I found that recently that my nose has more “open holes” after I squeeze my blackhead. I have been squeezing the blackhead for so many years and it’s only recent that the holes are big like orange skin. What happen and what can I do if I need to DIY?

A: “Orange skin” looking pores indicates that you had oily glands around your noses and likely to have pimples in the past.

When you squeezed your blackheads and do your own facials, you tend to leave openings and marks untreated. Over time, the pores are not treated and resulted in this manner.

During a facial treatment in a salon, we have equipments, lotion, ampoules, and masks to treat after extraction. We are sealing up the open pores or wounds. This helps to speed up the skin recovery. Most of these items are not available to customers as they are very technical and need training.

I do suggest you seek facials from now on before it gets too late. The only thing you can do at home is to get suitable skincare and mask.


1.Advice on huge red pimples on chin

Q: I’m so frustrated I’ve been having huge red pimples on my chin for as long as I can remember. Sometimes its ok but sometimes they just pop out without any rhyme or reason, it’s so frustrating. I’ve tried going on medication, but the problem is back when I stop the medication. I do not want to rely on medication long-term, could you advise on other alternatives?

I’ve read that pimples on the chin are due to indigestion and constipation, how do I cure these symptoms? I’ve cut down on fried, oily foods and tried to eat more fruits and vegetables and drink more water. But the pimples just keep popping out. What else can I do to improve my condition?

I’ve also read that we shouldn’t go for facials if we have pimples. Do you recommend me going for facials? (Because, I’ve read somewhere that we shouldn’t go for facials if we have pimples.)

Which type of treatment facial would you recommend?

I’m planning to get married end of the year and I’m worried about my condition

A: Pimples on the chin are caused by hormones, they indicate an imbalance.

The symptoms are having these pimples or just breakouts before menses. When you were on medication, it helps to control and when you are off medication, it reverts back and so the cycle is repeating by itself.

The only solution is understand that you are likely to have breakouts before menses. Take extra care like diet, sleep well and be positive. Have a good skincare regime helps to manage the pimples better. You may do facial once you have menses as your hormones has changed and not likely to have breakouts. The skin is also less sensitive. Going for facial to treat pimples has always been a debate and this decision is solely up to the customer.

2.Advice on pimples outbreak on chin

Q: Not sure anyone posted this problem before or not as I do not have time to read through all the archives of the postings.

I have been having pimples outbreak on my chin since my university days. And it has stayed with me since now. I have been to regular facials since beginning of last year and I do not really eat a lot of heaty food. However, the pimple doesn’t go away and sometimes it pops up 2 or 3 huge pimples around my chin area.

Is there any cure? What kind of food do I need to avoid? I will be getting married this year and i am a worried that the pimples will pop up on my wedding day.

A: It seemed to me that you have breakouts most of the time just before your menstruation.

The symptoms are big acne or pimples on the chin area and you are likely to experience cramps or irregular menstruation.

This is purely hormonal and I suggest that you treat your problems on your menstruation first.

Try not to take cold fizzy drinks, ice water or even sugar cane drinks or tea just 1 week before your period. Keep your body warm .Sometimes you can drink DOM or red wine to keep your body warm. You can take supplements like evening primrose oil or Vit E if you want to. Do exercise like yoga.

Try to balance your hormones if you can. It will take a while.

You will still have to go for regular facials and apply pimple cream to manage your breakouts better. Have appropriate treatment facials to help you further.


1.Tips to taking care of the neck

Q: I am wondering whether you can recommend any tips to take care of the neck. I was told that the first sign of aging comes from the neck. Can I also extend the moisturizer I use on the face to the neck too?

A: Yes, a wrinkle on the neck is a sign of aging. You can moisturizer your neck with your face cream as well. If you happened to develop pimples when applied, then I suggest you get a neck cream instead.

One way of exercising your neck is to lift backwards and downwards for 10 counts every day.

*All opinions expressed are solely from Devotion Beautique and are not representative of expert medical opinions.
Results may vary according to individuals, depending on their body conditions.

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