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Eczema- Is There A Cure For It?

Your skin is dry, red, patchy and itchy. It last for days, weeks, months or perhaps forever. Gives you sleepless nights, uncomfortable feeling or even lower your self-confidence.

What is this condition we are talking about?

Yes you read it right, we are referring to this condition called “Eczema”. Are you currently experiencing it? If not, then you are considered one of the lucky ones but for someone who have it, how they wish it was just a dream. But wait, can we actually cure Eczema? Let’s find out.

Eczema- A skin chronic condition that appears to be dry, red and itchy and can even be flaky. It is synonymous to dermatitis (inflammation of the skin) but sometimes they describe the later as acute while eczema is chronic.

General manifestation of eczema is itchiness. Common areas affected includes the face, hands, feet, back of the knees or elbows. Your skin feels dry, red and patchy. Inflamed areas can develop blisters. Continuous scratching will make the skin more sensitive, scaly and drier. It may last a day or even weeks.

So what are the causes?

The cause of eczema is unknown. No definite cause why do some people have it but according to studies it is a combination of genetic and environmental factors. The symptoms can be exacerbated by external factors like, dust, sweat, detergents, fabrics that you wear, hot bath/showers or even stress.

The lipid barrier of the skin is reduced for those people suffering from eczema. When this barrier is reduced, it will lose water faster and your skin will be drier and will be more prone from itchiness and scratching.

Are there any cure?

Until now, there is now definite cure for it. By identifying or knowing what triggers their eczema, people can better manage it by avoiding the irritants. Creams, ointments or prescribed corticosteroids helps in preventing it to flare up. Lifestyle change can also help in managing it.

Another Good news is that , Devotion Beautique have a way of treating Eczema. Using high quality concocted products, you will expect less flare-up. The treatment involves healing, hydration and protection for your skin.

Goodbye sleepless nights!