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Acne Series

Advanced Acne Treatment

A signature treatment that removes all kinds of acne without causing any discomfort by recovering the skin barrier and microbiome. Suitable for blackheads, comedones and even cystic acne.

*a free consultation is required before treatment to ensure customization of the package

Duration: 75 minutes


Acne is controllable!

Acne is a popular skin condition that most of us have encountered once in our life.

This condition occurs at all ages and is caused because of clogged hair follicles. It could be the changes in weather, hormone, or bacteria that damage the skin barrier and help acne to rise!

At Devotion, we are specialized to treat acne at different grades. Our package is customized to each customer so you can expect a quick improvement after the first treatment.

Our Services

Acne Treatment for Moderate Acne

This package is professionally designed to help those who are dealing with Mild or Moderate Acne. People with this condition might encounter blackheads, whiteheads with a few papules and pustules.

Protocol: Cleansing – Exfoliation – Extraction – Healing – Mask

75 Minutes

Acne Treatment for Severe Acne

For those who are dealing with Severe Acne, this advanced aesthetic package resets the skin by encouraging the DNA repair, build protein to strengthen skin resilience and tensile strength of any wound, thereby minimizing marks and scars.

Severe acne can appear with several papules, nodules and some might have pus.

Protocol: Triple Cleansing – Exfoliation – Extraction – Intense Healing – Mask – IPL Shots (Optional)

90 Minutes

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