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When summer strikes, don’t forget to put up a fight! Here’s how the latest Stem Cell Sunscreen could help you!

sunscreen against UVs

Harsh sunlight is our skin’s biggest enemy. It burns, it damages and it degrades our skin quality!

Giving our fragile skin extra protection is a must during this summertime. With the latest revolution of next-gen filters and plant stem cells, the Time Protect Anti-Aging Sun Care is the skin’s savior. It keeps up the skin’s resistance against UVs while nourishing the cells from the  inside out.

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What happens if you leave your skin unprotected against sunlight?

The skin grants us great protection against harmful factors. However, being exposed to UV rays for a long time could weaken this protective barrier as it damages the lipid layers and accelerates water loss. Not just that, harsh sunlight stimulates the aging process by causing disruption in collagen and elastin production, allowing aging signs to surface.

The UVs are also accountable for DNA damages (thymine dimers).  When these rays come in contact with the skin, it generates free radicals that harm the skin cells and what could be worse? It can facilitate the formation of skin cancer!

So it’s not just fair to say but highly recommended to wear sunscreen whenever you go out and use complimentary products to help the skin to heal.

thymine dimer

Thymine dimer is caused by UV radiation which disrupt skin cells regular behavior

The latest Plant Stem Cell application in sunscreen

Dermatologists and beauticians have always been fascinated about how they can apply stem cells into skincare treatment, especially in sunscreen. With the latest Time Protect series from Physiodermie, we understand more on how by using plant stem cells could not only help you strengthen the skin barrier but also preserve the youthful look of your skin:

  • Plant stem cells could protect the collagen and elastin cells from external factors, allowing them to preserve the firmness and elasticity of the skin
  • Fight off free radicals by delivering anti-oxidant effect
  • Reduce sun spots as it protect the skin from getting inflamed by 75%
  • Raise the skin resistance against UVs by nourishing the lipid layers

Now with the latest Time Protect series from Methode Physiodermie, you can enjoy the great protective and nourishing properties of stem cells in a single product: that’s your sunscreen.

Summer Strike Bundle | Double Protection against UV damages & Deep Cleansing

This summer, Devotion Beautique has an outstanding Ace Set that could protect your glow and give it extra protection: the Summer Strike Bundle

What’s inside?

The Ace Set comes with 2 premium products:

ANTI-AGING SUN CARE SPF50 | Greater Protection against the UVs

  • Double protection against Sun Damages & Aging Signs
  • Protect your skin against DNA damages (thymine dimers) from direct sunlight
  • Prevent the formation of Sunspots, Fine lines & Wrinkles
  • Special texture allows quick penetration and leaves your skin with no white cast
  • Plant stem cells deliver extra protection against Us while reducing visible aging signs

DEEP CLEANSING BALM | Cleanse & Nourish the Skin

  • Two combined cleansing steps at once: the oily texture captures the impurities, then transforms into a milky texture when it comes to contact with water
  • Easy to cleanse, easy to rinse
  • Chia Seeds Oil 1%: nourish the skin and strengthen up the Skin barrier
  • Tocopherol 0.2%: support anti-aging effect with antioxidant properties

Anti-aging sunscreen

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