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‘BACNE’… Do you have it?

Can’t wear your favourite low back dress or wedding gown? Or feeling the urge to scratch beneath your office shirt? You may be suffering from a prolonged case of ‘bacne’.

‘Bacne’ or more commonly known as acne on the back refers to skin condition where clusters of pimple-like lesions are formed and sometimes leads to scarring.

Bacne can be prevalent during puberty stage due to hormonal changes which increases sebum production but can also follow through till adult age. Causes of bacne are plentiful, it could be a sure luck of genetics or hormonal imbalances during pregnancy, stress or as simple as hygiene negligence (friction from sweaty clothes). Those who have pimples or pustules lining the spine indicates accumulation of toxins in the body and the core treatment would be to ‘detox’. Men can be just as prone to bacne as women.

Depending on severity of breakout, it can be painless or very painful. Regardless of discomfort, what could be worse is the physical scarring that can take ages to heal. For some, these breakouts are cyclical and may recur throughout their lives.

Most people choose to seek medical attention due to severity, however, largely return home with long term intake of prescribed oral medications which also couples with nagging side effects. Some may try to home remedy by exfoliating with brush, soft towel or loofa. This will unconsciously trigger more inflammation and outbursts of breakouts. Without proper care, bad bacne can also result in dark spots or permanent scarring.

Treating bacne requires professional intervention, diligence and patience, Devotion has been the preferred partner to many bacne (and ex-bacne) customers. With scientific products and advanced technology, BACIAL (facial on the back) works on treating acne from root to recovery.

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P.S. Did you know that ‘Bacial’ was coined by Devotion since the 90s?