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Dark Eyes Circles: The Causes & The Cure

causes of dark eyes circles

The eyes are the windows of the soul, they say. So you should treat it with proper care and love. Sadly, over the past few months, our Spa has seen an increase in the number of clients experiencing eye problems. Especially the dark circles under the eyes (or dark eye ring).

Being a professional beauty facility for 25 years, we understand that this kind of problem isn’t something new. But it is not an easy problem to deal with.

Today, let’s explore the root causes of dark eye circles and how to get rid of them with Devotion Beautique!

A Closer Look at the Dark Eyes Circles

The skin is one of the most sensitive and vulnerable parts of our body. And especially for the under-eye area, such damage can happen more often than you think!

Without proper care and being exposed to a lot of negative effects (whether from lifestyle, environment, or misused skincare product), the skin under the eyelids will quickly discolor and form dark circles or dark eye rings.

These signs will often affect your overall appearance and gradually make you lose your confidence over time.

The Formation of Dark Circles

In essence, the formation of dark circles or dark eye rings is due to the following main reasons:

  • The skin below the eye area has become thinner than usual:
    Similar to other skin areas on the body, hidden under the eye area skin are countless tiny blood vessels responsible for nourishing the cells here. However, due to the fact of being the thinnest skin area on the body, the blood capillaries here can become visible to the naked eye if the skin becomes thinner. This is one of the most common ways of forming dark circles!
  • The capillary walls have become weaker or broken
    Under various effects, the capillary wall can rupture or weaken. In this particular condition, blood cells are leaked into the surrounding skin tissues and accumulate there, resulting in the formation of dark areas. In addition, poor blood circulation can also make dark circles or dark eye rings more visible.


How capillaries produce dark circles

The Causes?

Lack of Sleep / Insomnia:

Undoubtedly, the leading cause of dark circles is sleep shortage. Staying up too late or not getting enough sleep also means our eyes are allowed to relax properly after a long period of functioning. When the skin under the eyes is facing the rising tension, the regular blood circulation will be impacted immediately. Thus, blood capillaries are dilated and blood cells leak out to the surrounding tissues, causing the dark eye-ring.

The lack of sleep also accelerates the aging process. As a result, wrinkles, fine lines, or puffiness will appear in your eyes within a short time.


Modern life often comes with modern problems! Extreme workloads, relationship problems, depression, or anxiety can all lead to stress. Even though stress is not necessarily the direct cause of dark circles, it is the CATALYST that triggers almost every eye problem.

Stress directly affects our sleep and the way the body regulates and flushes out toxins. From there, the blood circulation will be affected, the amount of oxygen supplied to the eye area is reduced and thereby causing dark eye rings.


Generally speaking, dehydration is the main driving factor to many problems present in our body. For the eye area, this unfavorable condition can negatively impact the blood flow, thus leading to poor blood circulation and broken capillaries.

Also, without proper intake of water, the skin under the eye cannot carry out the detoxification as normal which makes the dark circles appear more often.


We all know that the infamous reason for eye problems is aging. But what really causes dull eye areas or even eye bags is the drop in collagen production!

As we age, collagen production starts decreasing and the existing amount of collagen under your eye cannot remain the skin’s elasticity. If you are unaware of this loss of collagen and are late to take action, then your skin will become thinner and weaker over time. Small capillaries underneath the skin gradually expose outward and form dark circles under the eyes.

Sun Exposure:

Like other areas of the body, the under-eyes area is extremely sensitive to sunlight. Being exposed to the sun will increase the production of melanin (a natural pigment in our body). Over a long period of time, melanin gradually builds up in the skin epidermis causing dark circles.

It is essential to use sunscreen not only to protect you from forming eye rings but also wrinkles and fine lines.


  • Smoking and drinking alcohol can also cause dark eye rings simply because it leads to dehydration in the body. Besides, smoking significantly reduces the amount of oxygen carried in our blood, thus triggering premature skin aging and other skin damages.
  • Dark circles under the eyes can also be hereditary.
  • Some people have a habit of rubbing their eyes. This is how the blood capillaries under the skin are damaged and the blood cells leak out to the surrounding area.

The Optimum Solution For Treating Dark Eye Circles

Honestly speaking, there is no single miracle product or treatment that can cure dark circles completely. The best solution to get rid of these eye problems is to apply a combination of care including Lifestyle Changes, Skincare Products & Spa Treatments.

  • The Lifestyle:
    First thing first! Lifestyle is one of the crucial factors that can either reinforce your skincare efforts or simply erase everything. So even a small change will make a big difference.
    The easiest thing you can do is to improve the quality of your sleep. Knowing that lack of sleep can trigger dark eye rings to appear more often, make sure you set up a healthy sleeping routine and allow your body and eyes to relax!
    You can always use a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated but don’t forget to ensure your daily water intake. According to experts, consuming nearly 2 liters of water per day can keep your body hydrated and thus, ensure the healthy condition of the skin.
  • Skincare Products:
    At Devotion Beautique, we are currently using the Bioaromes – a line of intensive care serums from Switzerland, to reduce the appearance of dark eye circles.
    With a total of 9 serums, our products can effectively heal the eye areas without causing any irritation or damage to your sensitive skin.
  • Spa Treatment:
    Our delicate skin needs enough care and time to heal, especially the eye area. That’s why we have created the Remedial Treatment that can not only heal the under-eye skin areas but also other skin problems.
    Click here to learn more about our facial treatment: The Advanced Remedial Treatment

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