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Dark Underarm & Body odor: Let’s put a stop to it!

With the high humidity in the tropics, our body suffers from the extreme heat making us uncomfortable and fatigued while giving a huge favor for body odor to thrive!

A quick recap: the causes of body odor & dark underarms

Each of us has a unique scent. It makes us alluring, being special, and somehow it defines us. However, excessive sweating (due to hot temperature, playing sports) will create unfavorable conditions for body odor to develop.

The bacteria that live on our skin break down the structure of sweat particles, break down proteins and create unpleasant odors. Besides, the excessive use of chemical products such as deodorant will create a stubborn wax layer that clings to the skin, making the body odor more persistent.

Dark underarm, however, is caused by several factors. Most prominently, this unwanted condition is triggered by product misuse, excessive sweating, and other medical conditions like diabetes.

Essential bath oils: A perfect pick for home remedies

Taking a bath with essential oils is a pleasant retreat for the stressed-out body and mind.

Blend these Bathoils HY and LF (with your shower gel if you prefer):

essential bathoil

Your skin will detox and feel cool, smooth. Thanks to the essences Cypress, Lavender, Peppermint, and especially Witch Hazel extract. Here’s how the HY & LF can help more than just cooling off your body:

  • A perfect choice for Aromatherapy – delivers a great sense of wellbeing
  • Quickly calm your mood
  • Cool off your body temperature and prevent heat stroke while using as Bathoil
  • Tonify the skin while releasing the tiredness and heaviness in the body
  • Purify the skin after a long working day being exposed to harmful factors (pollutants, heat, dust, etc)
  • Build immunity

For those who want a specific effect, you can apply essential oils directly to the skin as in the underarms to lighten up the dark patches and remove body odors.

Learn more about the bathoil at: https://devotionbeautique.com/essential-bath-oils-for-heat-exhaustion/ 

Specific treatment for serious problems: The Advanced Underarm Treatment

Underarm Bleaching treatment is one of the most advanced solutions that aims to lighten the dark armpits in the most effective ways possible. Instead of trying to whiten the skin with detergents that are harmful to the body, our underarm bleaching treatment introduces a unique 3-step procedure.

Our Signature Process

Step 1: Underarm Bleaching Step 2: Ultrasound Step3: Auto-MTS/ Mesoporation
The bleaching process is a safe and effective method that aims to fix any discoloration problems in your underarm area.

By applying the advanced chemical detoxification technique, our treatment can purify the skin and provide a whitening effect instantly.

Our ultrasound treatment with advanced technology works to calm and repair the skin.

This very effective treatment can deliver a much quicker result without causing any harsh irritation or discomfort and prepare the skin for the next treatment.

The Micro Needle Therapy System (Auto-MTS)  is the advanced treatment that allows new skin cell activation.

The advanced Mesoporation technology allows the active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin without causing any discomfort.


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