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Deodorants/Antiperspirants – Friend or Foe?

Body Odour can affect a person’s self-esteem and confidence when meeting with people. Especially when you are in an important meeting and you not want others to think otherwise.

What causes Body Odour?
We usually relate sweat to body odour. While they might be related, the fact is sweat itself does not smell.

The unpleasant smell is the result of bacteria breaking down our sweat into certain acids when our sweat meets the bacteria on the surface of our skin.

One type of glands that are responsible for producing sweat are the eccrine glands. When we experience a rise in temperature in our body, eccrine glands will produce sweat to regulate our body temperature. The sweat will evaporate from the skin, helping the body to cool.

Body odour differs from person to person.

Below are some reasons that might cause more obvious body odour:

  • Obesity
  • Diets with fatty foods, oils, or strong-smelling foods such as garlic, curry, and onions
  • Excessive sweating
  • Certain medical condition, e.g. diabetes

It is common to use a deodorant/antiperspirant to reduce our body odour.

However, is it an ideal solution?

Should I use a deodorant or antiperspirant?
We often worry if we do develop body odour when we perspire. Having this thought in mind, most people would rush to get hold of any deodorant or antiperspirant to “reduce” sweating or intense body odour.

The irony of this reaction – actually results in more darkening of the skin.

As we put down our arms most of the time, we clasped our arms next to our body. There is naturally a fold. This fold will become moist at most times. When applied with deodorant or antiperspirant, it will become more damp when the weather turns warm. As we sweat or perspire, the ECCRINE sweat glands will secrete droplets of water from the body which is more salty, to help maintain body temperature.
At this instance, with moist + sweat + deodorant/ antiperspirant, it will become a reaction to produce yellow stains on the shirt, discolouration and eventually dark stains where the Apocrine sweat glands are more active for some people.

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Look at what our happy customer has to say:-
我一直有体味的问题,是遗传的,所以很怕流汗,香水一直是随身携带,可是香水也是无法遮盖这个味道,后来知道有止汗露这个产品,我就开始用了1年,可是又有了新问题,就是我的腋下越来越黑,,出门不敢再穿短袖,看到喜欢的衣服如果是短袖也不敢买,坐巴士和地铁也怕抬手让别人看到我的腋下,这些问题让我很困扰,很难过,也很没有信心。后来在网上找到了Devotion,一开始我也是抱着试试看的心态,到了那里理疗师们给了我很专业的解释,第一次的治疗我就看到改变,每天用治疗的产品, 一个月以后我发现我腋下白了很多,体味也得到很好的控制,基本上闻不到味道,不用止汗露也不会像之前流那么多汗,这让我很惊喜,很感谢Devotion。

I have hereditary body odour problem so I get cautious whenever I perspire and always keep a perfume in my bag. I tried to use a deodorant for about a year and a new problem arose. My underarm started to darken! I could not wear sleeveless tops and were embarrassed to raise my arms in buses and MRT. Since then I lost confidence with my appearance and was troubled by this problem. By chance, I found Devotion online and thought ‘no harm trying’. I was impressed with the therapist’s professional explanations and saw improvements after first treatment. After 1 month of diligent home care maintenance, I realise that my underarm’s skin tone has lightened and the body odour is under control as well. No more deodorant needed for me! What a delight! Thank you Devotion.
~Tang Hong

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