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Bath away the heat wave: Use essential bath oils for great recovery & relaxation

In the past few weeks, everyone in Singapore has been enduring an extended heat wave. It’s hot! It’s humid! Awfully it drains away our energy!

Not everyone has indoor jobs which makes us vulnerable to the harsh weather whenever we go out. Suffering from heatstroke could severely impact our well-being from developing headaches, and migraine to other serious health issues like flu and fever.

Here’s how using essential oils could help to reduce the heat immediately while giving you an extra boost in energy.

Understand heat exhaustion

When we have to work for long hours under the sun or when experiencing a sudden temperature change, our body easily falls into a state of heat exhaustion. This happens due to extreme dehydration and the energy being so drained.

Major symptoms of heat exhaustion include 

  • Headache and dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Dehydration
  • Lose focus
  • Skin redness and irritation
  • Eczema flares
  • May cause heatstroke

Long exposure to the heat causes the body to get tired over time, which reduces work productivity and can lead to additional medical symptoms such as the flu or a high fever.

Cool off the heat wave with Essential Oils

Essential oils have long been known for their natural therapeutic effects, Bringing a sense of comfort, emotional and mental relief, overcome fatigue , helping the body regain its depleted energy. 

After a long tiring day, there’s nothing that beats up the heat better than applying Essential Bathoil HY formulation of superior grade essential oils can be applied directly on the skin or blend with any shower gel. Luxuriously soaking into a cooling bathtub filled with aroma is another pampering home spa experience. A real touch of relaxation!

Essential Bathoil HY – Normalizing the balance of the skin

A specific retreat for those who work for an extended time under the scorching sun. The HY Bathoil comes with several refreshing and calming essential oils which ensure a totally relaxing sensation after use.

Just a few drops in the bathtub, allow yourself to enjoy the rich aroma of Cypress, Lavender, Peppermint, and especially Witch Hazel extract. Here’s how the HY can help more than just cooling off your body:

  • A perfect choice for Aromatherapy – delivers a great sense of wellbeing
  • Quickly calm your mood
  • Cool off your body temperature and prevent heat stroke while using as Bathoil
  • Tonify the skin while releasing the tiredness and heaviness in the body
  • Aid in removing body odor (especially in the underarm areas)

Making it way better ! Essential Bathoil LF – Purifying the skin

With Sandalwood, Lavender, and Bitter Orange, this premium bathoil delivers dual effects: Prevent heat exhaustion and release the toxins trapped inside our body, working on our lymphatic system. The LF bathoil is known for its  detoxifying properties and is good for:

  • Purify the skin after a long working day being exposed to harmful factors (pollutants, heat, dust, etc)
  • Give a great sense of relaxation while cooling your body off
  • Supports in clearing back acne and other impurities
  • Remove body odor 
  • Build immunity 

The great combo for bathing away the heat wave: Bathoil HY & LF

When using the combination of 2 types of shower oil HY and LF, the therapeutic effect of these two specific products is significantly increased. In addition to helping you feel relaxed after a hot summer day, they also help us reduce stress, balance skin and support effective body deodorization.

If you want to know more about our Bath Oil products or services, contact us here to get a FREE CONSULTATION session with Devotion therapists. We are always at your service!