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Eye Series

Advanced Eye Treatment

In the eye areas, the skin is very sensitive and requires more attention.

That’s why our therapists at Devotion have created a customized treatment that can gently heal the under-eye areas without causing any harsh effects.

After the first session, dark eye rings and circles are lightened up as well as skin tone and firmness are enhanced. The skin under the eyes will be replenished with moisture and EGF!

Duration: 120 minutes

Refresh & Lighten up the Eyes!

The skin is one of the most sensitive and vulnerable parts of our body. And especially for the under-eye area, damages like dark eye rings, puffiness and swelling happens more often than you think!

Without proper care and being exposed to a lot of negative effects (whether from lifestyle, environment, or misused skincare product), the skin under the eyelids will quickly discolor and form dark circles or dark eye rings.

By applying advanced technology and specialized products, our eye treatment service targets the skin under the eyes, soothes irritation, enhances blood circulation, and deeply moisturizes with high-end ingredients.

Our Services

eye bags treatment

Advanced Eye Treatment - Remove Dark Eye Circles

A professionally designed package targeting eye problems. Enjoy the instant relief from the tiredness and stress that this package brings to your eyes. With special techniques, our treatment soothes and deeply hydrates the skin under the eyelids, provides it with sufficient nutrition to start healing.

Your eyes will feel much younger than before as the treatment stimulates the Fibroblast activities which reverse the aging signs like lines or puffiness!

120 Minutes

Eye Treatment Product Packages (Consultation only)

An effective and safe set of intensive care products for the eye area which is suitable for many eye problems. Enjoy the gentle relaxation created by the combination of cutting-edge technology, essential oils together with plant extracts.

Available via Consultation

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