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Facing dark patches on your body?

Experiencing problems in areas of your body? Is it in the underarm? How about your Elbow? Kneecap? Or your inner thigh?

Have you ever wonder why? Do you know the solutions for it?

There are many reasons why people have dark underarm, elbows, kneecap or inner thigh . Some of these are the result of friction, improper use of body products, skin allergies, excessive scrubbing, and wearing tight clothing’s or even due to toxins in our body.

Our lymphatic system serves as a drainage in our body, toxins should flow but due to internal and external explanations it lead to the clogging of our system, which raises issues such as dark underarms and inner thigh.

Skin condition like Eczema can also cause darkening of areas. As the sensitive area flair up it causes itchiness and people tend to scratch it to ease the itch. Little scratches may seem harmless, but it is actually the cause of the dry and dark patches.

People always looking for solutions to their problem and when you say darkening of these areas, bleaching is always a choice for them. But does it really help? Is it safe?

Bleaching is a term used to describe lightening of an area with the use of chemicals. So many of us think that it’s to strong and might be painful.

Not to worry, at Devotion ”we lighten these darks patches the different way”.

Our bleaching treatment is a safe and gives a long term effect as we treat with a holistic approach, which means that we will look in all areas of the problem.

It will involve, 1.Exfoliation, which helps to remove the dead skin cells that accumulate in the area of concern to make it more smooth and supple. 2.Internal lightening that involves purging the toxins in our lymphatic system, eliminating body odour, regulating perspiration, firming and making the area lighter in appearance, a bleaching solution that speed it up the lightening process. Lastly, Protection & hydration, we will do protection and hydration on the area.

Remove the thought that bleaching is a painful treatment, for we assure you of an easy, pain-free and effective way of doing it. After all, having a lighter complexion makes you confident.

So what are you waiting for? Come and See us!

“If you look good, you feel good, aren’t you?’