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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Will I still receive a full facial treatment at this trial price ?

Definitely, we welcome you to a genuine experience of our treatments. You will get to ENJOY THE FULL EXPERIENCE OF CONSULTATION AND PRODUCTS. 


Q2. Are there any hidden costs I should be aware of?

It is essential to understand the core reasons for any skin disorder. Thus, consultations are vital to finding the source of any skin disorders as we seek to lay the foundation right. An informative discussion like living habits, medical conditions, and environmental conditions do influence the effect or outcome of the treatment. 

We will administer treatments and recommend products as appropriate. Thus, there is no existence for Hidden Cost.


Q3. How can I return my purchase?

We offer refunds for all products returned within 14 days of purchase, in their unopened and original condition. If you would like to return an item purchased online, please contact us at 92322138


Q4. What is the difference between a normal facial and a treatment facial?

A normal facial is simply face cleansing with no therapeutic effect. Products used in this kind of facial are for general usage. 

At Devotion, we provide Treatment facials only, where we take pride in solving any skin disorders with our knowledge, guidance, and impeccably chosen products & treatments for every possible skin condition.

Treatment Facial, therefore, provides optimal treatment for different skin conditions without causing damage to the skin.


Q5. What range of products does Devotion provide?

We will constantly source for Premium Cosmetics or Advanced Aesthetic products to deliver the best solution for our valued customers.



It is our Topmost intention to educate our customers about beauty and health. We also love our customers to reciprocate by providing us with sufficient information to recommend the right treatments and products.

All decisions made during any purchase of products and treatments are solely in the best interest of the customers.