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Ask Devotion – Heal the post Acne marks /PIH?

Q: My wedding is 2 weeks away but sad to say pimples have been popping out recently. It’s under control now but I have a number of marks on my face (used to have quite good skin)

Need to check with you how do I fasten the lightening process of the marks? I’ve applied Vit E for healing and also Vit C for lightening effects. But it’s been taking quite a while and the marks are still visible. Please help. Thanks!


A: The skin needs time to heal as the cell renewal rate is at an average of 28 days for those at age 25 and below. As we grow older, the skin will take a longer period to renew and repair as the cell renewal rate has a reverse relationship with our age.


Those post-acne marks are likely to be PIH – Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation, they are just temporary pigment discoloration as the skin repairs.  Applying Vit E and Vit C can help to speed up the process. But please do not overdo it as Vit E may cause unnecessary clogs if there are still impurities underneath the skin

One way of speeding up the lightening effect is to use bio-medical grade skincare products where there is better penetration of skincare ingredients with a Transdermal delivery system.  This means that a higher concentration level of Vit C can be better absorbed for effective recovery.

We recommend 2 miracle cocktails,  Skin Origin VA-300(Retinyl Palmitate), an active concentrate of fat soluble vitamins to produce procollagen and glycosaminoglycan, and water-soluble vitamin C  Skin Origin C-20, an antioxidant,  an ingredient needed to strengthen fibroblast cells (mother cell) for better healing through collagen synthesis. Through speeding up cellular metabolic rate, the lightening impact is much faster.

Alternatively, Physiodermie Night Recovery Mask (Vitamin C, Low and High Molecular Hyaluronic acid), both ingredients are essentially needed for collagen synthesis and protection of the skin barrier. When used as a sleeping mask overnight will strengthen the fibroblasts, reduce oxidative stress, lighten the PIH and provide a radiant glow in the morning. The result will show within a few days which will hasten the recovery for your wedding.  As you had mentioned you used to have healthy skin which is capable to repair easily.

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