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Ask Devotion – How to apply the 3-Steps cleansing routine?

Q: I realized that sometimes I can be too harsh when I cleanse my face resulting in the formation of more pimples or whiteheads.

A: Take time to nurture your skin! Proper Cleansing steps are the fundamentals of sowing healthy skin cells and an excellent preventive strategy for keeping your skin healthy for a longer period of time (Biological Age vs Chronological Age). In other words, delay aging.

It is common knowledge skin cells do self-exfoliate and self-repair. So why do we keep getting skin disorder despite having cleansed the skin daily,  It is  “IGNORANCE” –  Skin cells are incapable of Self-Exfoliate nor Self -Repair if you do not give the NECESSARY resources the skin need.

The skin naturally produces Essential Fatty Acids(EFA), ceramides(retain hydration), and cholesterol  (lipids) during the process of Keratinization.  They are essentially needed for continuous cell renewal in our life span. The deficiency of EFA significantly alters and affects skin function and appearance. Any deficiency or imbalance will result in a weakened skin barrier, unbalanced Ph level, increased Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL), and invasion of bacteria or irritants that compromised the Microbiome Level which weakened the healthy state of the chemical and physical barrier. 

How do you then choose a good cleansing routine for yourself? Look for ingredients that help to resolve this fundamental issue. 

Biologically, all organs require lipids, water, and other proteins, enzymes, and hormones to function. The skin likewise needs both lipids and water to keep the microbiome level on the epidermis (surface of the skin), resulting in the Ph level of your skin being balanced. Controlling the sebum production to minimize whiteheads, acne breakouts, or skin disorders. Just like a vehicle to be driven, it requires both water and petrol to function smoothly. It cannot function without any one of them.

The 3 Steps Cleansing Routine

Step 1: Oil Cleansing – Make-up or Pollution Removal 

Histomer Make-Up remover is a dual emulsion of water(Aqua)  and oil to soften the keratinized cells dead cells through the process of keratinization. Getting the corneocytes (dead cells) ready to self desquamate.  Which also purifies and removes any makeup or debris accumulated from pollution. Apply on a ball of cotton wool and massage gently on the eyes, face, and neck to remove all impurities. You will see yellow or dark patches on the cotton wool.  These are signs of skin impurities on the skin unseen with the naked eyes.  Only when you managed to soften the corneocytes first, then you can dissolve the “glue” the impurities and wipe them off onto the cotton wool. NEED NOT Rinse off

Step2: Milk Cleansing

Physiodermie Deep cleansing milk contains Linolenic acid (EFA- Omega 6) which complement the skin’s self-produced EFA after cleansing, thus leaving the skin soft without stripping away the skin’s natural oil. Apply the cleansing milk to the face and massage around the eyes, face, and neck to emulsify the cleansing oil to remove more impurities or debris.  This step is extremely effective for those who wear long-lasting waterproof make-up. Rinse off completely and feel soft on the skin

Step 3: Foam Cleansing

Physiodermie SL Shower Hydrating milk contains E3C – Equilibrium  Energy Cutaneous Ecosystem which protects the microbiome and restores the Ph level.  Lather with water and massage thoroughly on the eyes, face, and neck. 

After the completion of the 3 Steps Cleansing routine,  you will experience cleanliness and suppleness texture on the face and neck.  In this state, not only have you deeply cleansed the skin, keep the microbiome level and ph level in check. Follow with appropriate skin-condition toners, serum, moisturizers, and masks.  The sebum production will then be under control over time, be well managed, thus reducing whiteheads or acne breakouts.

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