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Ask Devotion – Sensitive and Dehydrated Skin Problems!

Q: I can’t use oil-control products as my face is very sensitive and dehydrated. I do have peels at the side of my nose. So oil control products are too dry for me.  What can I apply to treat my skin?


A: First, you have a skin condition as Dehydrated hypersensitive skin. You will often encounter problems buying products as your skin will be very reactive to any new products which are easily available in the market. Peeling at the side of your nose are induced through lack of moisture. Thus any oil control products will further strip the sebum level which your skin already lacks.


Here’s the advice:

The skin needs both oil and water to keep the microbiome level on the epidermis (surface of the skin). Returning to your skin condition, lacking in sufficient oil and water has resulted in compromising the microbiome level and in turn the Ph level of your skin being unbalanced. Unconsciously you have already developed dehydrated hypersensitive skin over time. It’s time to seek balance for this skin condition.

Proper skin cleansing routine kicks a good start to healthy skin, which allows the skin cells to desquamate (self-exfoliate) well with sufficient water and sebum (oil).   Do follow our 3 Steps Cleansing Routine.   

Now comes the Maintenance, hydrate the epidermis either with Physiodermie ph Stabilizing toner(Oak Root extract)  to preserve natural moisturization with healing effect or  Pro-microbiome Lotion with Alpha Glucan( Prebiotic effect to promote healthy microbiome) and Lactic acid (Ph regulator).  Both toners work to stabilize the microbiome level first and keep the pH level balanced.

After any application of toners, introduce Physiodermie Bi-molecular Hyaluronic acid (Hexapeptide 11) which contains 6 amino acid peptides required for collagen synthesis, with the aid of LOW Molecular Weight HA to penetrate deeper into the Dermis (second layer of the skin ).   HIGH Molecular Weight HA forms a protective film over the epidermis and retains moisture. That will prevent any flakiness  on the sides of the nose .  

Moisturizers like MBK Zinc Cream (zinc oxide and mimosa tenuiflora) traditionally used for skin strengthening and cell renewal, Physiodermie Hydraceramides Emulsion (ceramaides and squalane ) balances the sebum protection and protects the epidermis, which both can reduce redness quickly and build up the weakened skin barrier.

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