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Heal Maskne From The Root Causes With Our Exclusive Methods!


It has been two years since “Miss Rona” took us for the craziest ride ever. We have adapted to a new style of living to adjust to the new normal. 9-to-5 jobs are back and the masks become our best friends! But not in favor of skin health!

Having a mask blocking on our face causes the skin to be sensitive as all the dirt and bacteria are trapped on the skin surface. As we keep our masks on for nearly 8 hours per day, these bacteria, dirt, and pollution particles damage our skin, making it sensitive and prone to acne. This acne breakout condition is known as Acne Mechanica or Maskne. Even though it is not a severe condition, it could lead to serious bacterial infection and inflammation if not treated in time. A proper maskne treatment is needed in case of serious acne to preserve the skin health and promote wound healing!

STOP Maskne Strategy by Devotion Beautique

You need to remember that most skin problems are caused by your skin not being healthy enough. Our skin acts as a barrier, it protects the internal organs from external influences and prevents essential nutrients from escaping to the outside.

The skin’s ability to protect also comes from the fact that it is home to billions of microorganisms that inhabit the skin, also known as the Skin Microbiome. Combined with the mantle acid layer and the outermost layer of skin in the epidermis, they form the Skin Barrier which is the armor that keeps our skin healthy.

Best approach to treat Maskne is to keep the Skin Microbiome/Barrier healthy!

As shown in the diagram below, the skin barrier forms a protective layer that prevents bacteria, harmful agents, and dirt from penetrating into the skin. When we wear a mask, the humidity and temperature inside the mask increase, causing bacteria to multiply and help them disrupt the balance of the skin barrier.

When this barrier is broken, a series of problems on the skin will occur:

  • Dryness: caused by increased water loss (TEWL)
  • Inflammation (including redness, itchiness, etc): occurs due to the invasion of harmful bacteria
  • Acne: P. Acne bacteria penetrate into and clog the pores 
  • Rosacea or Eczema: foreign bacteria can trigger these skin conditions
  • Poor skin quality: increased TEWL causes the skin to lose its ability to repair and regenerate

With more than 26 years of experience in the beauty care industry, Devotion Beautique has successfully applied the Maskne treatment strategy based on the rehabilitation of the Skin Barrier. As follows:

Step 1 – Build immunity by Protecting Skin Barrier

When the skin barrier is damaged, it is like a hole in the skin and from there harmful agents can enter the body with ease. The skin barrier is sensitive to harsh detergent, sunlight, and pollution. Therefore, always choose proper skincare products, wear sunscreen and avoid scrubbing to keep your skin barrier strong!

Step 2 – Balance Microbiome level

The Microbiome (consists of good bacteria living on your skin) and the Skin Barrier work best at the pH level of 5.5. This condition protects the inner layers of the skin from harmful particles and agents.

Choose a cleanser that is pH-balanced or use Toner as a way to control the pH level.

Step 3 – Apply 3-steps Cleansing to support step 1 and 2

It is best to have a well-cleansed face before applying any skincare products. Our recommended 3-Step Cleansing consists of three unique and powerful cleansing techniques that guarantee a clearer-looking skin

Protocol: Oil Cleansing/ Makeup Removal –  Foam Cleansing – Milk Cleansing

Step 4 – Provide Sufficient Water

For the skin to start the healing process, it needs water! Always drink enough water and moisturize your skin. With a sufficient level of water, the skin can activate cellular functions for repair and healing.

Try Our Maskne Microbiome Treatment – Get a Clearer Skin after 90 Minutes!

Proud to be one of the first beauty facilities to develop customized Maskne Facial, we are very happy to help many of our clients to overcome maskne.

A premium treatment that provides immediate effects for those skin problems including: Acne, Maskne, Blackheads, Damages caused by sunlight or pollution!


Available in 2 packages that heal different levels of Acne:

  • G2 Microbiome Facial – Maskne Treatment for Moderate Acne

maskne grade 2 treatment

  • G3 Microbiome Facial – Maskne Treatment for Severe Acne

maskne grade 3