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Health is skin deep

Do you know that the health of your body surfaces on your skin? Even as a child, rashes can appear after a bout of illness and medications. Skin issues are not just on the surface but could be a manifestation of long-term health conditions or lifestyle habits.

For example, diabetics usually have poor blood circulation which leads to dry, itchy skin. It may take longer to heal when there are skin infections. Rashes, breakouts happen when your internal health is stressed. These can be due to poor sleep, imbalanced diet, alcohol, smoking, pollution or simply just lack of water.

Now you’ll think, I know all these. But here I would like to emphasise on what water really means to the skin.

Water content in the body helps to create the correct pH level for all the organs and skin to be at its optimum. When the natural skin pH barrier is disrupted, skin issues will surface, such as dryness, sensitivity and breakouts.  Now we are talking about two important concepts here, pH and NMF.

A strong skin barrier (‘lipids’ which holds your cells together) is responsible for maintaining skin hydration, firmness and suppleness. This barrier is a protective coat namely, Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF) which does the big job of maintaining adequate hydration of the stratum corneum  – outermost layer of the epidermis. This lipid barrier performs 2 important functions: Keeping moisture IN, and harmful microorganisms and irritants OUT.

Using the wrong skincare products can worsen or destroy your natural skin pH and cause unnecessary stress to the skin. Too acidic or alkaline, and it can strip off your NMF.

Are you using the correct skincare products? Is your skin telling your health story?

Look at how everything interlinks together. Well, the good news is… the skin is repairable!

You can restore your skin health and keep premature ageing at bay. To know more about how you can keep your skin healthy both internally and externally, share your skin story with the skin care professionals at Devotion.

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