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How dark eye ring forms and how to treat them

The Skin Concern: Dark Eye Rings

They say that the eyes are the windows to our souls. That’s why we always treat them with love and proper care.

As being constantly exposed to harmful factors like the UVs, blue light emission from electronic devices, and friction, the skin under the eyes becomes weakened over time. Especially for those who work the night shift or are under massive stress, Dark Eye Rings appear quickly and it is hard to heal them away.

Dark Eye Rings Causes

The formation of dark eye rings is in fact, caused by the thinning process of the eye skin, making the blood cells visible to the naked eye. To reduce the forming of Dark Rings, try to avoid these bad habits:

  • Staying up late:

This is a leading cause of dark rings. Lack of sleep for a long period (or having insomnia) prevents our eyes from resting after all day long. Thus, blood capillaries are leaked into the surrounding skin area and become visible forming rings.

  • Not using sunscreen:

Sun exposure is key to premature aging. Going out under the scorching sun without high SPF sunscreen makes our skin vulnerable to UV rays. These high-energy rays not only damage the skin’s natural skin barrier but also lead to the rapid increase of Melanin – which is accountable for hyperpigmentation and darker skin coloration.

  • Extreme lifestyle:

People who smoke or drink regularly tend to develop more rings under their eyes than people who don’t. These practices significantly reduce skin quality by lowering the oxygen level in the blood cells. Thus facilitating the rings to surface

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Professional Treatment

By applying advanced technology and specialized products, our eye treatment service targets the skin under the eyes, soothes irritation, enhances blood circulation, and deeply moisturizes with high-end ingredients.

Advanced Eye Ring Treatment

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