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Inner Thigh Whitening

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Inner Thigh Whitening Treatment

Wear your bikini with confidence once more!

Dark patches on our skin create an unappealing appearance that can affect our self-esteem and confidence. Our therapists are sincere about helping you lighten those dark spots so that you can shine.

Lighten up dark patches on your skin today with our 3-step signature service: Inner Thigh Whitening Treatment

Duration: Results Vary based on condition of the customer

Bring Back the Confidence to Your Skin!

Dark patches on the inner thighs happen more often than you think and regardless of the skin tone, anyone can develop this problem!

Several factors can lead to the development of dark inner thighs including:

1. Poor blood circulation

2. Friction

3. Tight Clothing

4. Eczema

5. Lack of Hygiene

6. Rashes

At Devotion Beautique, we apply a holistic approach to cure and lighten the dark patches on our clients that is completely safe and effective. Most of our clients experience a brighter and smoother skin tone & texture within the 2 weeks.

Inner Thigh Whitening

Our Signature Process

Step 1: Detoxifying

Dark patches or any skin discoloration is a sign of a damaged skin barrier or a build-up of toxins in the body. Toxin accumulation can be caused by diet, lifestyle, or other medical conditions. Therefore, it is very important to detox the skin remove impurities, dead skins, and toxins!

By applying the advanced chemical detoxification technique, our treatment can purify the skin and release accumulated toxins. This allows the skin to rebalance and get ready for the next treatment.

Step 2: Ultrasound

Skin discoloration, or dark patches on the thigh areas, is mostly caused by PIH, scrubbing, or other skin disorders like Eczema. This is a clear sign that the skin barrier of the inner thighs has been damaged and weakened!

Our ultrasound treatment with advanced technology works to calm and repair the skin. This very effective treatment can deliver a much quicker result without causing any harsh irritation or discomfort and prepare the skin for the next treatment.

Step 3: Mesoporation / Auto-MTS


By applying the advanced Mesoporation technology, it allows the active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin without causing any discomfort. Thus, it enhances the treatment effectiveness like minimizing fine lines and wrinkles in the underarm area, soothing any sensitiveness and hydrating the skin.


The Micro Needle Therapy System (Auto-MTS) is the advanced treatment that allows new skin cell activation.

The Auto-MTS enhances the effectiveness of the Underarm Whitening Treatment compared to other traditional methods. It rejuvenates the collagen and elastin and therefore it lightens the skin over time without causing pain and discomfort to the clients.


Treatment Results

  1. The dark patches on the inner thighs are lightened
  2. The skin tone and complexion is significantly enhanced
  3. The skin is refreshed and rejuvenated from within

Depend on the actual conditions of the area, the results may vary. Our treatment will deliver a visible result after the 1st session and the result will be enhanced with the ongoing sessions.

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