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Issue On Dead Skin Cells

Have you ever realized that dead cells are being produced and accumulated under your makeup?

Have you ever realized that dead cells are being produced and accumulated under your makeup?

Take a closer look at your skin in the morning as you apply your daily skincare and make-up before heading for work.

Your Daily Habits

You will be wearing makeup, from as early at 7am in the morning till 7pm in the night. This is an approximately 10hours or more. In fact you may even perspire on your way to work or during lunch time.” There goes my makeup”… that’s what your mind says.

Bouts of perspiration will surface underneath your make-up and for an estimated 8 hours or more. While some of you would touch up, you are in fact passing on bacteria from the perspiration onto your foundation sponge and use it again to reapply make-up tomorrow. “This is a bad habit that has to be kicked out! You should at all times, only apply makeup onto clean skin. Having bad or unhygienic habits contribute to uneven skin tone and impure skin conditions. So Ladies you have to watch your habits!

The Effect of Pollutions To The Skin

While most ladies who work indoors underneath the cool air are able to keep the skin cool and dry, ladies on the other hand who are working outdoors, are constantly exposed to air pollution and perspiration. The skin while being exposed to more air pollution for the latter will continuously produce more dead cells under the skin than the former.

By the time you reach home to clean your face, you will realize that the much of the makeup would have melted or “cakey”. Skin becomes dull and patchy looking after a day of work. As you cleanse the face, put your fingers and stroke along the T zone area, you will feel minute bumps. These are what we classified as “dead cells”.

Over time, as we pile our skin with makeup frequently, the accumulated dead cells will strip the glow and lustrous off our skin.

Frictions To Your Tender Skin

More often than not, we will head off to get a scrub to remove the dead cells by applying pressure on the face and gently scrub the dead cells, allowing our skin to feel fresh once again.However, you may not realize that scrubbing with rough or big granules on your face will cause “scratched lines” which can be seen under the microscope.

There are many exfoliants in the market besides scrub. Scrubs are known to contain big and rough granules to exfoliate dead cells on the body. These are therefore best recommended for body treatments instead.

Having an alternative way to remove dead cells without the danger of “aging” the skin can be brought about by using Ferment peeling. An enzyme peeling which will resolve together when lathered with our foam cleanser. Enzymes are acidic by nature, which complements to the mild acidic pH level of our skin. The enzymes effectively penetrate into our first layer of dead cells to soften and allow easy removal. This leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh.

And the Principle of Harmony applies, whatever you have tried to get rid of, you must replenish. For those, who do not replenish moisture to the skin, the appearance of dead cells, open pores, black and white heads will surface after some time. With that, you can apply mask for a mini facial at home. Or simply apply toner, serum and moisturizer.

We encouraged all customers to use Ferment Peeling daily for maintenance of skin and anti-aging regime.

Celebrate on this journey with us to a healthy glowing skin.