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Ms Karen Goh

Our founder messages

Empower Beauty - That's my calling!

Each and every one of us is unique and we all shine beautifully and in our own way. Unfortunately, in this age of judgment and commercialization of the beauty industry, we sometimes forget about our beauty selves. The modern society has done a great job in generalizing women’s beauty into a few certain types.

As unique as our thumbprint, our beauty lies in the DNA and it deserves better. Therefore, my mission and biggest goal are to provide the most tailored and effective treatment services to everyone. Devotion Beautique is my take on this game! This is where I and my team assist our customers to achieve their best look by applying advanced aesthetics knowledge and qualitative skincare products with experimental lifelong training!

So no matter what skin problem you're experiencing, whether it's physically or emotionally driven, just know that you will always receive the utmost respect and care at Devotion! The next time you walk in our door, it will be your best time!

Sincerely yours,

Karen Goh

Our journey has surpassed 26 years and counting!

Starting all the way back in the 90s, Karen has shown special qualities and passion for the beauty industry. Over 26 years in business, her solid dedication to her beauty profession has led to great success.

She has established 2 businesses including Devotion Beautique (SG), Le Forte Vietnam Ltd (VN), and is a visiting trainer in international markets such as Malaysia and Vietnam.

As a professionally trained Aesthetician, Karen's key to creating customized treatments for any customer lies in her ability to read beyond any skin disorder. Not only does it allow her to gain a better prognosis but it also helps to establish a strong trust-based bond with her clients.

Her expertise expresses not only in diagnosing skin conditions but also in the ability to flexibly combine skincare products with suitable treatments. Thanks to her extensive knowledge of skincare brands and ingredients, Karen always aims to bring the best solution and regime to her clients by creating hybrid treatments which are optimized for each individual.


Le Forte Vietnam Ltd

In 2017, Karen founded Le Forte Vietnam as a FORT to bring career development opportunities to those working in Spa, Sales & Marketing in Vietnam through organizing professional training programs.

Her best strength lies in her ability to encourage participants towards personal enhancement and self-leadership. Her activity-based training is strategically triggered to encourage participants to gain deeper insights beyond themselves.

Devotion Beautique

Established in 1995, Devotion Beautique is a provider of beauty spa services that believes in empowering its customers through knowledge.

With 26 years of experience in the beauty industry, Devotion Beautique is the first in its industry to create personalised formulations which address each individual’s skin type and requirements. Through the wealth of knowledge accumulated over the years, Devotion Beautique improves customers’ daily lifestyle and changes their mindset to encompass a more holistic approach to beauty.

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