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Maskne Series

Advanced Maskne Treatment

Treating maskne needs a certain level of care and treatment. Proud to be one of the first beauty facilities to develop customized maskne facial, we are very happy to help many of our clients to overcome mask acne. Some of them even achieved the results after the first session.

Duration: 90 minutes

Mask Acne

A special condition needs a specific treatment!

Maskne or mask acne is a special condition when acne occurs in the skin area that is covered by the masks.

Unlike regular acne, preventing maskne needs a different approach and care or else you will be in the favor of skin irritation or even Eczema. To keep your skin from breakouts, you should pay more attention to proper personal hygiene, skincare routine and seek professional care.

At Devotion, we are proud to be one of the first facilities to introduce a series of treatments targeting this problem. Available in 2 packages, our custom treatments can treat mask acne at different and also can improve the skin condition after the first treatment.

Our Services

G2 Microbiome Facial – Maskne Treatment for Moderate Acne

This package is professionally designed to treat those with Grade 2 mask acne. People with this condition may endure acne not only under the mask area but also around the T-zone area. Some might develop comedones and few papules.
Protocol: Triple Cleansing – Exfoliation – Extraction – Healing – Mask

90 Minutes

Maskne Treatment

G3 Microbiome Facial – Maskne Treatment for Severe Acne

For those who are suffering from Grade 3 Mask Acne, this advanced package is set up to detox and purify the pores as well as promote natural healing. Grade 3 acne can appear with several papules, nodules and some might have pus.
Protocol: Triple Cleansing – Exfoliation – Extraction – Intense Healing – Mask – IPL Shots (Optional)

90 Minutes

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