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Me? Why am I having Hair Loss? Effective Treatment for You

Seeing strands of hair on your comb after brushing can be ‘frightening’. “Am I going to have a bald patch or receding hair line?” “Will my hair grow back?”

Our crowning glory may have seen its heydays but it cannot be taken for granted. Hair loss can happen to anyone and at any stage of our lives.

Common causes of hair loss includes (but not exhaustive) stress, pregnancy and hormonal changes. When our body undergoes imbalances, it can manifests on our hair texture and growth. The hair follicle weakens when it is unable to absorb nutrients sufficiently which results in hair loss.

Can hair loss be treated? The answer is YES.

How does the hair growth treatment works?
Clinically proven laser technology is found to stimulate the hair follicles by increasing the blood supply to the scalp which helps in the regeneration of healthy new hair, therefore increasing hair density and volume.

Once the hair follicle strengthens, the hair bulb can absorb nutrients readily and hence achieve stronger hair shaft, making way for a fuller mane.

Regain healthy hair growth and see results in just 12 weeks.
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