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Signature Service

Peri-M Series

Advanced Peri-Menopause Treatment for all Skin Conditions

A signature treatment series that caters for women enduring with Perimenopausal skin problems.

The PERI-M is a series of treatments to target the dreadful changes in a woman’s life during perimenopause. We revise, repair, and rejuvenate the skin’s natural life cycle.

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The Perimenopause

Regain your healthy look once again!

Menopause and Perimenopause affects all of us – women in many ways. When they come, they strike!

During perimenopause, the level of hormone fluctuates differently with various skin conditions and problems. To stabilize the skin and give it a boost of radiance, an advanced skin treatment which customizes to serve the needs of each individuals.

At Devotion Beautique, after helping hundreds of customers during their Peri-Menopause time, we have developed a signature series called Peri-M aiming to help women regain their prime beauty!

The Peri-M Series

PERI-M Sensitive - Stabilizing & Calming the Skin

When your skin becomes sensitive, it means your skin barrier has been damaged or weakened! The PERI-M Sensitive treatment aims to stabilize the skin barrier and calm the skin.

Due to the thinning of the epidermis, the skin barrier is no longer tolerable to strong chemical peels or high degree of lasers, PIH (Post inflammatory Hyperpigmentation) will suffer from this vulnerability of the skin.

90 Minutes

PERI-M Hydrate - Reduce Water Loss

The PERI-M Hydrate Treatment aims to reduce the TEWL (Trans-Epidermal Loss). This process occurs when the skin lacks water leading to the loss of skin vitality.

When the skin is dehydrated, the absorption and penetration of skincare products nutrients to the skin decreases.

The skin surface also feels tense and might become irritated right after cleansing. Slight redness will appear on the foreheads, edge of the nose and chin. The T zone area becomes oily as an indication. That is a DUO skin issue to be corrected!

The PERI-M Hydrate replenishes the water loss and reduces TEWL by strengthening the skin barrier with epidermal growth factors.

90 Minutes

PERI-M Radiance - Regain the Skin Vitality

While you have diligently performed your skincare routine and monthly facials or body treatments expecting the skin to always glow, the truth is they can’t stay radiant forever! The gleam of healthy skin vanishes after years of effort when Perimenopause strikes. The declining rate of estrogen simply steals the ability to provide a healthy shine on your face.

Understanding the struggle of many women, our PERI-M Radiance Treatment aims to restore the firmness and vibrantness of the skin.

By stimulating and actively supporting the Collagen & Elasticity production, to reduce the undesirable appearances such as sagging skin, uneven skin tone of lack of elasticity.

90 Minutes

PERI-M Acne - Control Acne Breakouts

As the estrogen level fluctuates during Peri-menopause, many women suffer from acne breakouts. Some have to deal with red sore acne on the chin that appears angry and big. And they are difficult to be treated and will surface with no ends.

Controlling these outbreaks requires balancing our lifestyle and skincare products and routine. It is much more tricky than you have imagined. The PERI-M Acne reduces acne spots and prevents further breakouts from surfacing.

90 Minutes

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