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The treatments for Perimenopausal skin problems: Regain your prime beauty!

Perimenopause and menopause affect women very differently with different conditions. When it finally arrives, it strikes!

Sometimes it makes us miserable with various changes in hormones and skin conditions. Interestingly, the symptoms of perimenopause on the skin are not the same for everyone. Some may experience more severe symptoms than other people of the same age.

Managing various skin conditions suffering from Perimenopausal is tuned towards the symptoms on the skin.  Anti-aging treatment is too generic and often fails to show results or much improvement.  As we seek to restore our skin from the onset of perimenopause, we rather opt for Advanced Aesthetic treatment than choose an ordinary service, that is customized to each person’s skin condition and skin type.

At Devotion Beautique, through Karen’s journey dealing with Perimenopause and now Menopause, after helping herself and hundreds of customers during their Peri-Menopause time. She and her team have developed a signature series called Peri-M which aims to help women regain their prime beauty!

The PERi-M is a series of treatments to target these changes in a woman’s life. The “i” is a metaphor of you. Read on …..explore how we revise, repair, and rejuvenate the skin’s natural life cycle. 

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PERi-M Sensitive – Stabilizing & Calming the Skin

When your skin becomes sensitive, it means your skin barrier has been damaged or weakened! Thinning of the epidermis may be contributed to the deficiency of ceramides, free fatty acids, and cholesterol which are essential components for a healthy skin barrier.

The PERi-M Sensitive treatment aims to stabilize the skin barrier. Due to the thinning of the epidermis, the skin barrier is no longer tolerable to strong chemical peels or a high degree of lasers. If you are those who do suffer from PIH (Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation) from any of these treatments, it is time you reconsider giving your skin a break. Develop tender loving care TLC skincare routine with PERi -M Sensitive.

PERi-M Hydrate – Reduce Water Loss

The PERI-M Hydrate Treatment aims to reduce the TEWL (Trans-Epidermal Loss). The skin is tense and becomes irritated right after cleansing. Slight redness may appear on the foreheads, edge of the nose, and chin. The T zone area occasionally becomes oily triggered by the active production of sebum to compensate for TEWL

If you think, piling the skin routine with essence and masks works! You are Mistaken. The core problem does not lie in the products used.  It is the Fibroblast – a cell with multiple functions for producing healthy skin, both epidermis, and dermis.

Fibroblasts produce Hyaluronic acids to retain water and moisture in our skin. As Perimenopause sets in, the fibroblasts weaken naturally. Causing a poor skin barrier, lacking in both water and moisture – Dehydration.  Fine lines will appear as we all know.

When skin is dehydrated, the absorption and penetration of skincare product nutrients naturally decline.  It feels like DROUGHT. 

The PERI-M Hydrate works on strengthening Fibroblasts to replenish water loss and reduce TEWL The skin barrier will recover with ample amino acids to desquamate effectively for glowing skin.

PERI-M Radiance – Regain the Skin Vitality

While you have diligently performed your skincare routine and monthly facials or body treatments expecting the skin to always glow, the truth is they can’t stay firm and radiant forever! The gleam of healthy skin vanishes after years of effort when Perimenopause strikes. The declining rate of estrogen simply steals the ability to provide a healthy shine on your face.

Often, you would pinch or poke your cheeks to check for elasticity, and if skin laxity bothers you much, as you may consider a face-lift. Hold that thought! Radiant skin means good muscle tone, full of elasticity with strong collagen fibers. Lamentably, elastin production ceases at 25 and collagen production declines past 30. What you have felt is Type 1 collagen which demonstrate structure of your face.  Skin laxity is parallel to the tensile strength of Type 1 collagen. The impact is more prominent during Perimenopause.

The saving grace is we still have Type 3 collagen to regain vitality.  Collagen synthesis requires healthy fibroblasts with an ample supply of Hyaluronic acids and Vitamin C.  The connective tissue in the dermis with strong structural collagen fibers, regaining tensile strength.

Understanding the struggle of many women, our PERI-M Radiance Treatment aims to restore the firmness and vitality to skin. 

By stimulating and actively supporting Collagen & Elasticity production, reduce undesirable appearances such as sagging skin, uneven skin tone, or lack of elasticity.

PERI-M Acne – Control & Preventing Acne Breakouts  

As estrogen level fluctuates, and testosterone(androgen) level elevates during Perimenopause, many women suffer from acne breakouts. Some have to deal with red sore acne on the chin that appears angry and big. And they are difficult to be treated and will surface with no ends.

Some of you may consider medication to suppress androgen’s main activity – sebum production. Excessive sebum production not only triggers oily skin but acne.  Acne is formed when there is bacterial inflammation inside our facial pores.

The rule of the thumb is to Strike a Balance.  Controlling these outbreaks require balancing our lifestyle and skincare products and routine. It is much trickier than you have imagined. The PERI-M Acne reduces acne spots and prevents further breakouts from surfacing.

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Receive a free consultation session with us if you have any skin concerns

With years of working with hundreds of women who have been through their perimenopause, our Skin Specialists at Devotion Beautique have developed a signature treatment series: The PERi-M. The PERi-M is a series of treatments to target these dreadful changes in a woman’s life. We rework, repair, and rejuvenate the skin’s natural life cycle.

Seek early advice if you are enduring skin problems caused by perimenopause. Our Skin Specialists are here to bring back the skin resilience and regain your self-confidence. This is Healthy Aging, Be Brave, Be Alive!