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Post Eczema Skin Trauma Woes – Can it be treated?

Eczema, a condition denoted by dry, red itchy skin, can be bothersome since childhood or could arise due to hormonal changes such as pregnancy or triggered by allergens.

Deep dive to the Post-Eczema

Flare ups could be intermittent however when it does, each cycle puts the skin under a lot of stress.

Most people with eczema relies on steroids to relieve itchiness and inflammation. What is not known is that prolonged use of such medication can lead to another issue – dark patches with thickened skin. This post eczema condition creates uneven skin tone which may be unsightly. To treat this ‘new’ problem, some resorted to quick fixes such as kojic acid, lemon or even baking soda to lighten their skin. However, misuse of products at inappropriate intensity can result in burnt marks. Chronic scratching during flare ups may also lead to appearance of fine lines.

Post eczema and post burnt marks can be treated with an intensive routine to repair, heal and stabilize the skin. Skin regeneration requires detoxification from within.

Your skin trauma condition do not need to escalate, let our professional therapists help you regain your skin health.

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Customers Feedback

Hear from our customer how she found confidence after the Post Eczema Treatment:

“I have a lot of scars on my legs and underarms which are due to long term eczema which were not being treated. It is very embarrassing to have dark underarms especially in a humid country. I tend to wear sleeveless clothes as I sweat a lot. With eczema breakout, I feel extremely frustrated as despite taking bath many times a day, I still feel itchy especially on my legs and underarms. I could not stand the itch, I tend to scratch them until they became painful or bleed. As a result, I have very sensitive and red underarms.

I came to Devotion as I would be having my photo shoot in the next 2 months. At that point of time, I was supposed to do whitening. When they screened through my conditions, and advised 2 other treatments to heal my eczema and dark underarms instead. They were very patient in explaining my conditions and treatment.

I was amazed after the 1st treatment. I no longer feel itchy on my underarm and the redness subsided after the 1st treatment. I am really very happy and impressed by the treatment! My armpit lightened and they lighten after every treatment. I am looking forward to continuous treatments to lighten my armpit and look beautiful and confident on my wedding day and photo shots.”

~Alicia Teo