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Preventing Body Odor This Summer Once And For All With The Use of Bathoil

prevent body odor

The summer is here and that means it’s the time for all the fun and parties! But what would stop you from enjoying the moment?

Having a smelly odor is discouraging! Being in the industry for more than 2-good-decades, we know that developing body odor is almost unavoidable under the crazy heat and humidity of Singapore. However, treating body odor is not that hard as you may think! 

It starts from two fundamental understandings: focus on the root causes & allow your skin to detox!

Read on this article to know how you can treat body odor once and for all!

Our sweat does not smell. It’s the bacteria!

That’s right! We do sweat all the time but the colony of bacteria living in our skin is accountable for creating our distinctive smell. These microscopic bacteria’s favorite foods are sweat and sebum, which is protein. When bacteria break down sebum and sweat, they produce a series of chemical compounds that, when combined, create a strong scent that is exactly our body odor.

So the key here is to keep this community of bacteria growing at a normal rate and not creating these unpleasant scents by:

  • Keeping yourself hygiene:
    Taking a shower daily and wearing comfortable clothes allow the skin to breathe and release the humidity trapped inside. 
  • Using appropriate products:
    Some people use too much deodorants and other products which result in forming a thick layer of wax on the surface of the skin. This waxy and oily layer is what bacteria love!

However, some people still develop body odor due to these serious factors:

  • Stress and anxiety
    People working in stressful environments tend to sweat more than other people. This might lead to excessive sweating, causing discoloration and body odor
  • Hormonal factors
    This means the body odour appears in the bloodline. Treating genetic problems need a high level of consulting and treatment. You can contact our free virtual consultation for further advice.
  • The Lymphatic drainage system is stuck
    This is a system lying underneath the skin that helps to transport toxins and fluid out of the body. When the system is stuck, toxins are trapped inside our body which reduces the skin’s ability to protect itself from bacteria and leads to the formation of body odor

Skin discoloration is also a problem when the lymphatic system is stuck


Watch out for skin coloration too!

Excessive sweating and a bad lymphatic system can trigger a more serious problem: dark underarm! Overusing products like deodorant can also make it worse as it clogs your pores and leads to inflammation and dark spots.

Underarm Bleaching treatment is one of the most advanced solutions at Devotion Beautique that aims to lighten the dark armpits in the most effective ways possible.

Instead of trying to whiten the skin with unauthorized or ill-advised products that are harmful to the body, our underarm bleaching treatment introduces a unique 3-step procedure: Detoxifying – Ultrasound – Mesoporation.

In one single treatment, our Skin Specialist helped a customer to remove her body odor and lighten up the dark underarm


If you don’t have time for a professional Spa treatment, using bathoil with massage techniques is new way to counter the headaches of body odor!

Essential Bathoil with massage techniques can help to remove body odor

For years, our skin specialists have found out that the MLD massage technique is very effective in deodorizing body odor. Besides this method has a double effect as it balances while bringing a sense of relaxation to the client.

Essential Bathoil LF – Purifying while maintaining the wellness of the skin

As we mentioned earlier, working on the lymphatic drainage system can effectively release the toxins trapped inside our skin, The LF Bathoil comes with premium natural ingredients such as Sandalwood, Lavender essential oils and Bitter Orange – Melilot extract provides powerful detox and purifying properties.

When applying LF Bathoil with MLD massage, our skin specialists are able to drain toxins out of the tissues, which leaves the skin free of impurities. In other words, the bacteria that live on the skin are also controlled from freely multiplying and producing body odor.

The essential oil properties of LF also smooth the skin and provide a pleasant scent.

Essential Bathoil HY – Normalizing the balance of the skin

The HY bathoil is particularly effective to normalize the functions of tired skin as well as removing body odor in the body parts. With the use of several essential oils including cypress, lavender, peppermint and especially the witch hazel extract, the HY Bathoil tonify the skin while releasing the tiredness and heaviness in the body.

Seaweed Firming Bathoil

The Seaweed bathoil contains seaweed extract, oligo elements, and Bladderwrack extract to dynamize the active principles of essential oils from the bathoils. and it will tone and beautifies the skin,

With the rich ingredients from the ocean: 4% of concentrated seaweed extract, marine bio-saccharides, trace elements, and minerals, the Seaweed Bathoil revitalizes the skin after being abused for a long time. Our Skin Specialists often combine the use of the LF Bathoil, HY Bathoil & Seaweed Bathoil to deliver triple effectiveness that:

  • Deliver a quick and powerful deodorizing impact: remove the body odor completely
  • Tonify and firm the skin while giving it a relaxing sensation
  • Purify and detox the skin, allow it to regain the vitality

Prevent cellulite and wrinkles on the body and especially on the underarms

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