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Body Firming Collection

[Physiodermie Bio Gommage Body Velvety Satin] Act as a cleanser and exfoliant for the body, leaving a silky tingling sensation. [Physiodermie Stretch Mark Emulsion] Moisturizing and regenerating emulsion for skin with recent stretch marks. Helps to reduce their appearance and prevent their formation.


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Climate Change Recovery

Three exclusively selected products to combat Climate change to resist hyperpigmentation and transepidermal loss. [video width="848" height="480" mp4="https://devotionbeautique.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/M-Fluid.mp4"][/video]


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Odour Free Collection

[Physiodermie Bath Oil HY Normalizing for Legs] Rich in essential oils with refreshing properties, this bath oil helps relieve the sensation of heavy legs. Reduces water retention and cellulite.   [Physiodermie Bath Oil LF Purifying] Rich in essential oils with purifying properties, this bath oil helps eliminate impurities for an incomparable sensation of freshness and purity. Works on the lymphatic drainage system.   [Physiodermie Seaweed Bath Firming - SP] Improves the texture of the skin. Ideal for cellulite *For all Special Products, you are required to contact us for further guidance on how to apply and purchase them.


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Physiodermie Bi-Molecular HyaluronicAcid + Shot C15

The Bi-Molecular Hyaluronic Acid serum provides your skin with optimal hydration thanks to Hyaluronic Acids of high and low molecular weights A lightweight serum with Pure Vitamin C, instantaneously absorbed into the skin for a glow


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Physiodermie Chrono Global Lift Program

"Retinol like" activity, improves natural cell renewal, resulting in smoothing effect


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Summer Strike Bundle

[Physiodermie TP Anti-Aging Sun Care SPF50] A powerful SPF50 sun protection product with an anti-aging effect.   [Physiodermie Deep Cleansing Balm] A deep cleansing balm that leaves the skin perfectly clean, supple, and soft. Suitable for all skin types


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