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Physiocoiffeur AD shampoo

Soothes irritated scalps and reduces itching and discomfort. Highly recommend the First shampoo to treat any scalp disorder.


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Physiocoiffeur Capigaine Cream Hair Revitalizer

A hair care that is rich in fatty acids and plant oil complexes for a dry and chemically treated hair or hair that is prone to dryness.


or 3 payments of $25.00 with

Physiocoiffeur CM Shampoo Hydrating & Revitalizing

A hydrating and restorative shampoo for dry hair and for dehydrated scalps, giving it a healthy look.


or 3 payments of $16.33 with

Physiocoiffeur Detangling Conditioner Hair Revitalizer

Effective conditioner to detangle any type of hair, leaving behind a natural protective sheath that does not weigh it down.


or 3 payments of $19.33 with

Physiocoiffeur Extra Mild Shampoo

A gentle shampoo for the sensitive, irritated and itchy scalp as well as for fine and fragile hair.


or 3 payments of $16.33 with

Physiocoiffeur Hydrocomplexe CC

Highly effective and highly recommended  for demineralised, dry, and dull hair to restore vitality and shine.  Blend with scalp serums for maximum efficiency


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Physiocoiffeur Sensitive Scalp Serum

A specific hair serum with soothing and relaxing properties designed for sensitive, sore, or itchy scalp. Immediate soothing effect  Suitable to treat hyperhidrosis


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Physiocoiffeur Stablizing Lotion

A stabilizing and pH balancing lotion for scalp with calming and normalizing effect.


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TCR Multivitamin Shampoo

This gentle daily-use shampoo leaves poor weak hair, stronger, thicker and with a healthier look. Infused with vitamins for all hair types from normal to dry hair.


or 3 payments of $13.00 with

TCR Restructuring Night Vitamins

Designed for weak poor hair, this revitalizing Night Vitamins restructure and promote the appearance of stronger hair during the night sleep


or 3 payments of $12.67 with

TCR Scalp Repairing Mask

Special repairing mask which is designed to nourish the hair and obtain a healthier perfect look all day long


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TCR The Ultimate Hair Serum

Specific hair care that restores and revitalizes damaged and aged hair


or 3 payments of $16.33 with

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