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Casmara Three Action Cleanser

An excellent exfoliating gel which contains the synergic mix of two alpha hydroxyl acids and a beta hydroxyl acid (salicylic acid). This product exerts an exfoliating action on three levels.


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Jyunka Hyal Essence 200ml

Replenish nutrients in the skin to boost the efficiency of other cosmetic products by increasing absorption.


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Jyunka Quad Hydro Concentrate

For an immediate hydrating effect for superficially dehydrated oily skin.  Suitable for open pores, with blackheads and whiteheads. Prevent more breakouts


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Jyunka Tri-Hydro Cream

A hydrating face and neck cream as it restores moisture to the skin


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Phyris Astringent Tonic

The Phyris Astringent Tonic provides a balancing and calming effect that helps to regulate excess sebum, rebalance the pH level as well as refresh the skin with additional moisture


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Phyris DC Silver Balance Mask

A cream mask for skin prone to oily and blemishes with a calming and antibacterial effect


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Phyris DC Skin Normalizing Cream

A 24-hour effective nourishing cream that provides a balancing and normalizing action to acne-prone and blemishes skin


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Phyris Essential Matt and Fine AMP - SP

A mattifying and refining ampoule to smoothen the skin and gives it new volume *For all Special Products, you are required to contact us for further guidance on how to apply and purchase them.

Phyris HA Aqua Sensation Gel

Fresh, moisturizing 24-hour care with the lightness of a gel, but with the care intensity of a cream. Dehydrated skin will become healthy, beautiful and soft for a longer period of time.


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Phyris HA Hyaluron Sensation Caps

The PHYRIS Hyaluron Sensation Caps with filler hyaluronic acid smooth the skin immediately and moisturize the skin in a flash. The skin looks fresher, firmer and more even within just a few minutes.


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Phyris HA Hyaluron Sensation Cream

The Phyris HA Hyaluron Sensation Cream provides maximum moisture to the skin and keeps it fresh and plumped for several hours after use. Fine lines caused by dryness will also be decreased after regular use.


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Phyris HA Hyaluron Sensation Sleep

A rich and creamy Sleeping Cream that smoothes the skin and intensively offers moisture to the dehydrated skin. The skin will look more youthful and healthier thanks to the special formula of Micro-Hyaluron and Matrix-Peptide


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Phyris Sensisomi Balm

A gentle anti-stress-balm with deep sea elements that helps to reduce redness and irritation for the sensitive skin.


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Phyris Termasomi Spray

A refreshing and oil-free spray that supplies the skin with deep hydration while helping it to retain the moisture longer.


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Phyris Time Release Hyaluron Super Moist

A light, non-greasy moisture serum immediately pads dryness related lines and wrinkles through filler hyaluron and ensures noticeable relaxation.


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