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Sinus Series

Advanced Sinus Treatment

A holistic therapeutic treatment that combines massaging of the diaphragm and lymphatic drainage to encourage breathing and relieve aches and sinus symptoms.

Duration: 60 minutes

Sinus Series

A therapeutic massage treatment!

When the sinuses are infected, it increases the pressure which can be felt as headache and migraine. The infected sinuses are also responsible for the bad breath, thick nasal discharge and sore throat.

The Sinus Massage Treatment is a highly effective therapeutic method that allows the lymphatic drainage to become active, relieving the sinus pressure.

Each one-hour long session involves: The massage of the diaphragm to encourage the Qi energy to flow for better breathing, pushing out more carbon dioxide. Lymphatic drainage around the neck and jawline to relieve shoulder aches

A detoxification of the cheeks, eyes and forehead which incorporates Shiatsu and acu-points for further drainage and energy flow.

A soothing ear reflexology and a head massage for equilibrium to finish. Relieve migraines, insomnia, eye tension and headaches

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