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Let’s Face The Sweaty Armpits Causes And Possible Treatments

Statistically, the human body is home to about 2 – 4 million sweat glands. The majority of these glands are packed in your armpits. That explains why this area is more likely to endure excessive sweating, or perspiration. In fact, people who are suffering from this unwanted condition always feel like they are living in a mobile sauna.

Not only having sweaty armpits will drag your confidence down but it also affects the people around you. Let’s find out today what are the primary sweaty armpits causes and how to treat them!

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Why do people sweat in the first place?

Not only in the armpit areas, but the perspiration also takes place in every part of the human body. This process is actually completely natural and important to us.

When the weather gets warmer or when we exercise, the body temperature rises above the normal levels. With such a different heat, our body will fail to function properly and quickly become disordered. It is thanks to the natural perspiration that the body can cool itself (by evaporating water through the pores).

However, many people sweat in cool weather or they don’t even exercise much. Places that often suffer from excessive sweating include palms, feet, or the underarm areas. Especially in the skin under the arms, excessive sweating will lead to the formation of body odor and affect personal confidence.

sweating underarm

Excessive sweating can lead to sweaty armpits and affect your confidence

The causes of sweaty armpits or underarms

When sweating occurs, the underarm skin is one of the first places where sweats appear because this is where many sweat glands and lymph nodes are located. Although cooling is the primary function of sweating, there are several reasons why sweat occurs more often than usual.

Stress & anxiety

Interestingly, sweat can be triggered as the body’s response to sudden changes in human hormones or emotions. When we suffer from stress, the body releases large amounts of stress hormones. These hormonal changes lead to an increase in the heart rate, trigger anxiety or restlessness and makes us sweat more than usual!

It is also worth noticing that besides stress, mental illness or any social disorders including anxiety and depression can trigger excessive sweating as well.


Recent studies also indicate that genetics also belongs to the league of sweaty armpits causes. That means having sweaty underarms might run in your family. There’s nothing much you can do about this cause but you can seek professional therapists for advanced treatment.

Many Aesthetic Spas like us at Devotion Beautique can help you with controlling the sweaty armpit condition without causing any pain.


The daily diet also directly affects the perspiration of the body, causing sweaty armpits. Hot, spicy foods are a prime example. When the body consumes spices like pepper, chili, ginger or garlic, it will rapidly increase the body’s heat. To immediately cool the temperature down, the underarm areas or the palms will speed up the sweating process as a response.

However, the sweat glands are not just for cooling the body. It also functions to detoxify through perspiration. Consuming heavy foods like canned foods or high-sodium foods forces the body to work at its full capacity to digest. Therefore, it triggers the sweat and urine production to increase.

The above condition can also apply to those who regularly drink coffee and alcohol.

Poor hygiene

With deodorants being widely used, maintaining personal hygiene is extremely important. The moment you stop keeping your underarms clean, bacteria and dirt build up on the hair follicles. Over time, these follicles will be clogged and breed more bacteria.

This not only causes the armpits to sweat more, but also results in a distinct smell. Little do you know that it is not the sweats that cause this smell but it is the bacteria. These tiny organisms consume the secreted sweats as the main source of food and release the odor, known as the body odor. If this continues, the underarm area will surely become sticky and dark in color!

The possible treatments to recover the sweaty armpits

Understanding the sweaty armpits causes, professional therapists like us at Devotion Beautique have developed several advanced treatments that can tackle the underarm problems.

Our highly rated Underarm Treatment is catered to not only stop the underarm from excessive sweating but also lighten the skin. By combining the latest technologies of Chemical Detox, Ultrasound and Microneedling, our treatment can deliver a safe and effective result after the first session.

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