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The Blue Light and its impacts on your skin!

blue light impact on skin

The UV rays seem to be well known to affect human skin health. But modern life seems to have brought us to another harmful energy that is present everywhere: Blue Light!

Recent studies have shown that blue light is not only harmful to the eyes but also has negative effects on the skin. Using a computer or phone for a long time can make your skin suffer from pigmentation, melasma, or unexpected aging problems.

Here’s what you should know about the damages of blue light on the skin, recent blue blight sunscreen products and our solution!

What is the blue light?

Blue light has been known as a part of the visible spectrum and has wavelengths between 380 and 500nm. Blue light has a short wavelength and so it carries a lot of energy (HEV).

The main source of this light comes from the sun. This is a natural source that humans have adapted to. Sufficient exposure to natural blue light is beneficial for people’s mental health.

However, in daily life, we are also exposed to a huge amount of blue light emitted from electronic devices around us. According to statistics, especially during the pandemic, on average one person spends up to 4.3 hours a day using their phone. That is equal to ⅓ of our total waking time. Being subjected to repeated large amounts of blue light is not only harmful to our eyes but also putting our skin at risk.

The harmful impact of blue light on our skin

The most striking effect caused by blue light is the loss of skin elasticity and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Unlike UVs, blue light can penetrate deeper into the skin as far as the dermis. This means that it can directly affect collagen and elastin cells and disrupt their productions. Besides, many studies also point out that blue light is accountable for the increase of hyperpigmentation, brown spots, and melasma. 

Blue light is one of the popular factors that lead to pre-aging problems. Too much exposure to blue light not only can affect the sleep-wake cycle but also impact the circadian rhythm of the skin cells. Aesthetically, this will quickly increase visible aging signs like dark eye circles, lines, or even sagging skin.

Choosing a product with Blue Light protection is recommended!

With an average screen time of more than 4 hours a day, it is recommended to protect your skin from the excess amount of blue light. Apart from blocking UVA and UVB, topical products like Faith U.B.P Make Base sunscreen are now providing blue light protection.

faith ubp make base

The Faith U.B.P Make Base acts as a protective layer that provides 3 PROTECTION LAYERS to the skin. With the use of Lutein, an active ingredient extracted from marigold, Faith U.B.P Make Base can effectively block the damage of not only the blue light but also all types of UV rays. The fact that Faith utilizes Moringa seed extract in this sunscreen allows it to guard your skin from harmful pollutants including fumes, pollen, and sands.

The Conclusion

Blue light has been proven to be harmful to our skin health. Besides causing the increase of hyperpigmentation, it also accounts for the loss of skin elasticity and firmness. Other visible aging signs are likely to appear as well if you don’t protect your skin from this type of light.

To help reduce the impact of blue light on your skin, control your screen time as much as you can. The next time you look for sunscreen, don’t just look for a UV rays product but a 3 PROTECTION LAYERS one like the Faith U.B.P blue light sunscreen.

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