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The Maskne-demic – Acne Breakouts While Wearing Masks

This is a term known as Acne breakouts caused through friction with an external matter. In this Maskne-demic,  it is nonetheless the infamous statement – bacteria react with humidity which breeds when wearing a mask.

Since the circuit breaker,  we anticipated to witness changes in our customer’s skin barrier and prepared ourselves to cope with the Maskne-demic. Immediately, we strive and scout  for as many products and new treatments. As we tailor for the remedial treatment, the advanced facial treatment suited for different skin conditions caused by the Maskne-demic, we persistently work on Skin Barrier and Skin Microbiome.

Skin Microbiome –  An ecosystem where it is a colony of good and bad bacteria on the skin’s surface. It either strengthens the skin barrier with good bacteria or weakens the skin barrier when the bad bacteria multiply.  More often than not, the weak skin barrier usually would have developed an odoured, inflammation and sensitive-looking acne, often affecting one’s self esteem and confidence level.

A closer look at the Microbiome

As the skin barrier weakens, it will immensely affect the chemical barrier, known as the Acid Mantle. The essential part in protecting this acid mantle is to maintain the healthy pH level between 4.5 – 6.5. Once the pH level has been compromised, it will result in sensitive, irritated  skin, over or under production of sebum, digestion and metabolism of natural enzymes

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The increasing rate of T.E.W.L will lead to other undesired skin conditions (source: pinterest)

The weak physical barrier will have abnormal desquamation causing dry flaky skin with tension and increased TEWL – transepidermal water loss which will eventually upset the whole ecosystem leading to skin conditions like acne , eczema, sensitive dehydrated skin.

As we combat with the Maskne-demic – the basic weapon is to stabilize both the physical and chemical barrier to build up a healthy skin microbiome. Through purifying the breakout,  balance the pH level of the skin and boost good bacteria to strengthen Skin Barrier against bacteria and virus. Undoubtedly, a stable skin microbiome is always a healthy skin. Nothing beats to constantly stabilize the skin microbiome for any form of skin malfunctions or skin conditions .

As we wait patiently for Covid 19 crisis to turn for the better. Let’s help ourselves to upkeep our Personal Hygiene.

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