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Underarm Bleaching: Is It Safe?

Underarms may let you down and prevent you from wearing sleeveless tops or shirts mainly because you will feel uncomfortable.

Underarms may let you down and prevent you from wearing sleeveless tops or shirts mainly because you will feel uncomfortable. Moreover, with dark underarms, playing sports or even raising your hands in the air can be hard. Dark underarms are usually more visible on the fair skinned individuals than on the others. Just like skin blemishes on the other body parts, dark underarms can cause lack of self esteem and confidence. However, you shouldn’t worry much because there is a good solution for this problem: underarm bleaching.

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But what causes dark underarms?

As you expect with many other things, there are people who are more likely to develop these underarms than the others. However, the primary causes include friction from tighter fitting clothes rubbing; and poor armpit hygiene. The others include being overweight, skin dead cells buildup, reactions from deodorants and some other skin products, taking androgen based contraceptive pills and shaving. You should note that having hyper-pigmentation around the neck and collarbones and dark underarms can be a symptom of Type 2 diabetes. Therefore, having it checked out and having blood sugar test is advisable.


Underarm bleaching options

Underarm bleaching (underarm whitening) is basically the process of lightening your skin tone or the process or offering an even skin complexion. Underarm whitening involves lessening the level of melanin. If you have dark spots like elbows, underarms and knees, the color on the areas will be darker than that of the surrounding areas. The causes of these dark spots can also be hereditary. The goal of underarm whitening is usually to make the underarm skin tone even with that of the surrounding skin. And, if the tone is even, the goal will be to make it lighter than that of the surrounding skin.


Is underarm whitening safe?

Depending on the ingredients of the products you are using, skin whitening can either be safe or dangerous. Some of the ingredients to highly avoid include steroids, hydroquinone and mercury. The three ingredients do cause skin cancers. There are several safer alternatives to the skin bleaching products which most clinics and spas are using, including us at Devotion Beautique, providing safe underarm bleaching in Singapore.


Why bleach your underarm skin?

Some people, particularly women, cover dark spots, blemishes and general skin unevenness with voluminous amounts of makeup. Covering up these spots can take several makeup layers before covering them up. Bleaching your underarm is a great alternative to the several layers of makeup you would use.

Moreover, after bleaching the underarms, you won’t get embarrassed when wearing a sleeveless top or shirt, when engaging in sports or when lifting your hands in the air while in public. All the products in the market claim to be the best. They also promise effective and faster results. But remembering that there are natural and manufactured ways of lightening the underarms is important.

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