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Underarm Whitening Treatment

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Advanced Treatment To Lighten Up Dark Patches

Treating dark underarms needs proper care and procedure. Our underarm whitening treatment is one of the most advanced solutions that aims to lighten the dark armpits in the most effective ways possible.

Instead of trying to whiten the skin with detergents that are harmful to the body, our underarm bleaching treatment introduces a unique 3-step procedure. This treatment process is completely safe and has an immediate effect after Session 1.

Duration: Results Vary based on condition of the customer

Underarm Whitening

Our Signature Process

Step 1: Underarm Bleaching

The bleaching process is a safe and effective method that aims to fix any discoloration problems in your underarm area. By applying the advanced chemical detoxification technique, our treatment can purify the skin and provide a whitening effect instantly.

Step 2: Ultrasound

Skin discoloration, or dark patches on the thigh areas, is mostly caused by PIH, scrubbing, or other skin disorders like Eczema. This is a clear sign that the skin barrier of the underarm has been damaged and weakened!

Our ultrasound treatment with advanced technology works to calm and repair the skin. This very effective treatment can deliver a much quicker result without causing any harsh irritation or discomfort and prepare the skin for the next treatment.

Step 3: Mesoporation/ Auto-MTS


By applying the advanced Mesoporation technology, it allows the active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin without causing any discomfort. Thus, it enhances the treatment effectiveness like minimizing fine lines and wrinkles in the underarm area, soothing any sensitiveness and hydrating the skin.

The Auto-MTS

The Micro Needle Therapy System (Auto-MTS) is the advanced treatment that allows new skin cell activation.

The Auto-MTS enhances the effectiveness of the Underarm Whitening Treatment compared to other traditional methods. It rejuvenates the collagen and elastin and therefore it lightens the skin over time without causing pain and discomfort to the clients.

Underarm Whitening

Our Signature Process

Is this underarm whitening treatment safe?

By applying an exclusive 3-step treatment process: Bleaching – Ultrasound – Auto MTS, our underarm whitening treatment is highly recommended and very safe.

Our approach is to bring the highest efficiency to the customer while minimizing discomfort.

What is your consultation process?

We believe that everyone has a unique body shape and they deserve exclusive treatments.

Our therapists will be in touch with you to provide a free consultation session. During this meeting, we will discuss the core causes to the problems, treatment history, prior product usage or treatment, or requiring any special needs. After gathering these information, we’ll tailor an exclusive program for you.

*Any pictures provided will be an added resource during this consultation.

When will I see the results?

Fundamentally we assess the actual condition of the underarm area first, and results may vary with every customer. Be assure we will adjust on the proctocol as required, making sure our treatment will deliver a visible result after the 1st session. Prominent result will be enhanced with the on-going sessions.

We highly recommend our customers to contact us via Facebook, WhatsApp or Email to receive a Free Consultation so that we could determine the actual result of the treatment.


What touches our Customer

Karen thanks for the facials Devotion has. They really help! My son’s friends all don’t believe that his mum looks so young. Thanks for everything.


Today’s treatment/massage helped my sinus problem! Was great! Before that, nose was blocked, face was swollen and had to breathe through the mouth. Nose was cleared immediately after

Sue Wei, Project Manager

Detoxifying oil – very very effective. Feel much healthier. Skin condition improved and my pimples stopped popping! Recommend this to everyone.

Izyan, Teacher

Second visit under the pliable of wonderful friends of Karen. My face lighted up with her touch on my face, as good as the first visit. What is so wonderful is the anti-aging effect of my facial skin which looks younger after the facial therapy and massage

Theresa, Director

I visited Devotion Beautique for underarm bleaching. After the first treatment, I witnessed visible results and I am very relieved to have found a solution to my skin problem. I’m going to take up treatment for my back too. Would definitely recommend my friends here.

Yuki, Graphic Designer

Nice place, nice environment. Karen and her staff are very sweet and they are very detailed in their service. They are very professional and polite. If there is a chance, I will come back for other treatments again. Thank you Karen!

Joan, Marketing Executive

With mask-wearing being made compulsory, I have had acne flare-ups around areas covered by my mask. I guess with the heat, humidity, friction, clogged pores and trapped dirt.

Maskne Microbiome is a solution that is easy to apply and can be used daily. It helps to exfoliate the skin gently while tightening the skin. After 10 minutes, using a little water to massage the skin, my face feels soft, fresh, pores are tight and clean. It doesnt feel like a layer of oil has been stripped away from my skin. At the same time, any existing acne looks less swollen as it calms the skin.

A simple solution to a unavoidable problem.

Sally, Educator

Love this product! My face brightens up.. Feeling fresh & clean!

Noelle Han

I have been with Devotion Beautique for almost 20+ years before married till I have children and I bring my gal for facial over here too. Karen is a very professional personnel and her skills really very good. She gives advise on how to use the products and how the products can help each and everyone.

Recently I went for facial and after a massage, I got neck pain cos my lymph NODES are clogged so I gave Karen a text and she called me back immediately. She give solution to use bath oil, after used the pain actually subside the next day.

We wish Karen and her team a prosperous Chinese New Year and Huat Huat every year!!

Love you guys always

Li San

I did an advanced aesthetic facial last week. It's the first time using the cocktail and is really good as the result is immediate. The face is sharper and tighter. After a week of continuous use of cocktail, my face is now firmer and smoother. Thanks Karen.

Jenny Kwek

Very helpful and understanding. They are very patient tooo!

Shahidah Albahar

Been doing their DRW treatment and i see effects. Require commitment to see effects but thats the same with all treatments. The staff are friendly and professional, and their beds are super comfortable to lie in (and doze off)

Yongwei T

Everyone is very warm and friendly which makes me feel very comfortable, there is no hard selling and they are respectful of my budget! I was recommended their detox bath oil which has really helped me with removing body odour. It has become my go to product and I have been using it for the past three years now!

Ritika Joshi

I’m 42 years old this year. I was a client of Karen's between 2003 until 2006, when I emigrated abroad.

Karen was extremely knowledgeable about proper skincare and generously shared her expertise with me. From her, I learnt the importance of proper deep cleansing in order to optimise product absorption.

To this day, I triple cleanse twice a day - with cleansing oil, milk and a gentle foam. SPF, a peptide and hyaluronic acid serums are non negotiable year round staples. I change my moisturisers according to the season. I use regular masks.

Living abroad, I have not had regular facials for over 15 years now but Karen's education has helped me maintain the health of my skin as much as possible. Thank you so much.


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