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Weight Management Issue: Are your daily habits sabotaging your weight loss efforts?

Undergone several kinds of diet and never seem to be able to shed those extra weight you have wanted?
 Undergone several kinds of diet and never seem to be able to shed those extra weight you have wanted?

The journey to losing weight should be done the healthy way and you should never look at a short-term solution to weight-loss. By undergoing “crash diet”, you are actually changing your body’s way of storing nutrients (fats, protein & carbohydrates). This could lead to the bounce-back effect of your weight that you’ve lost the moment you switch back to your usual diet.

So instead of going for any crash diets, why not make some changes to your daily habits by first evaluating on what you eat, how you eat and when you eat. Remember, effective long-term weight loss is all about your lifestyle and daily eating habits.

Evaluate on your eating habits

Are you eating late at night, nibbling while cooking and always adding extra sauce and gravy to your food? Eating at night has long been associated with weight gain. Not only will you wake up feeling bloated, there is a higher tendency of you eating more than your recommended daily calorie intake. Condiment such as ketchup, chili sauce and thick gravy contains high amount of sodium and sugar, which adds on to your calorie intake as well.
Instead of snacking on chips or desserts, go for an apple. Try opting for dried chili flakes, diced tomato or even dried herbs to replace the usual store bought ketchup and chili sauce. You will be surprise how much unnecessary calories you can acutally save on.

Eating regular meals

Firstly, one of the key habits to adopt for an effective weight loss is taking breakfast- the most important meal of the day.
Taking breakfast within 2 hours after you are awaken kicks start your body and boost the metabolism. It acts like fuel to your body and break the ‘12 hours’ starve (usually after last night’s dinner). Not only does skipping breakfast lower your metabolism, you also tend to consume more than your recommended portion for your lunch, which could result in weight gain.

Next, the type of breakfast you should be eating.

Look out for quality breakfast that you should be taking. Taking food such as oat, whole meal bread and fruits-smoothie are good source of vitamins and nutrients, which are best absorbed in the morning. The fiber content from these foods can also keep you full as well!

Lastly, beside eating breakfast and watching what you are feeding your body, you should also ensure that you are eating other meals regularly. This is could prevent a drop in metabolism and the occasional binge eating.

Plan your way to effective weight loss

Know what are the key eating habits that are sabotaging your weight loss goal? While keeping in mind that you should be avoiding all this eating behaviors, you should also add ‘planning of meals’ to your strategy as well. Through planning what you should be eating as well as the quantity you should be consuming, you have a better control of your diet. Now this can definitely reduce you from straying from your eating plan.

Not drinking enough water

Are you consuming at least 1.5 litres of water excluding your intake of coffee and other sugary drinks? Many times, we would much rather have something with sugar or caffeine in it – both of which actually dehydrate rather than hydrate us. So how does water assist you in your weight loss journey?

Water suppresses the appetite. At times when you feel hungry and the thought of grabbing a snack spark you? Your body may be dehydrated instead of hungry. So, next time if you feel hungry why not grab a glass of water on only turn to food after that?

Also, Water also helps in metabolize stored fats. Studies have shown that a decrease in water will cause fat deposits to increase. So drink more water to reduce this!

Having enough hours of sleep and refrain from staying up the night
Having inadequate sleep is one of the major culprits in sabotaging you weight loss effort. Without realising it, you tend to reach out for food, give in to sugary sweet drinks and chewing on sweets or gums to stay awake! Not only that, inadequate sleep lowers your body’s metabolism.

Start evaluating on your eating habits and lifestyle and embark on an effective weight loss journey. Remember, every small change you make can contribute to a healthy you.

Good luck!