Inner Thigh Whitening

Wear your bikini with confidence once more! Dark patches of our skin creates a ‘dirty’ appearance that can affect our confidence. Our therapists are sincere about helping you lighten those dark spots so that you can shine.

At Devotion, we offer two types of whitening services that safely and effectively lightens your inner thighs: Detox Whitening This treatment helps to remove the toxins and dead skin cells that accumulate on our inner thigh. We also use a safe bleaching solution to deliver the best results to lighten your inner thigh area (ladies only). IPL Whitening Using intensed pulse light stimulation, the high intensity light disperses the dark pigments under the skin to effectively* lighten your inner thigh (ladies only). After the treatment, you will also learn how to take care of the skin at your inner thighs to maintain the lightened skin results.

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See visible results* in just one session!

*Results may vary according to individuals, depending on their body conditions.

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